Sunday, April 22, 2012

Burritos, Sunshine, and Victory!

If you haven't figured it out by now, let me give it to you straight: we love the beach.

It doesn't really matter if we are on a tropical beach in Brazil or a NorCal one with slightly lower temps.  Ethier way, that is where we are the happiest.  What it does dictate is the type of clothes you wear while you are in the water.

Or out of the water...

 (These girls are slightly overdressed compared to what we see on Brazilian beaches, huh?)

But if there is sunshine and sand along with the sound of crashing waves, we are there.

You know where else we might be?  Eating Mexican food. 

See that smile on his face?  A smile as he has a burrito in right hand and horchata in his left?!  A few years ago the corners of his mouth would have been pointed in the other direction, but today he holds that Mexican food in his hands and smiles about it.  In fact, he was the one who suggested Taqueria Vallarta II this time, although he says it was just because he knows I like it. 

Oh well, that really doesn't matter.  We were eating it and he was smiling.  You know what this means?  I do not need to live a Mexican-food-free marriage anymore. 

You know what that means?



  1. This looks absolutely heavenly!!

  2. Very cool Tiffany!!! i loved it! I think it is very creative, and actually, inspired me to write some also. Great job girl! :)

  3. OH YAY! It's funny, because Mexican food is definitely our first option when it comes to eating out. I did came around to Japanese food thought, which is one of my husband's favorites. A Mexican-food-free marriage doesn't sound fun. Glad you don't have to go through that anymore! :)

  4. love this post. love the beach. miss it so much!

  5. I think we may be twins! On the weekends, my husband and I are constantly at the beach or in search of great Mexican food. Good thing you converted yours to the yummy burrito side! :)

  6. Burritos? Someone say burritos? I have The Burrito Guide on my blog. If you're up for posting a review, email me!

    Great pix by the way...


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