Monday, April 9, 2012

BlogWorld + RealWorld Combine

Many good things have come from this blog.  New recipes, a push to be more creative, and discovering a way to put my three favorite hobbies together: writing, photography, and cooking.  But by far, the best things that has come out of this has been connecting with people around the world that I would not have the chance to meet otherwise.  If you are not a blogger, you probably won't get that.  In fact, it might sound a little lame to you.  But if you are a blogger then you get what I am talking about.

Here is the thing: blogging allows you find others who have similar interests or lives as you that you probably won't be able to find in your little neck of the woods.  Whether I am looking at pictures of another amazing recipe that I absolutely must try or following the story of a family living in Brazil, I have expanded my circle to people that I feel connected to, if only by our experiences/interests.   

While I was in Brazil I had the chance to allow my blog-world and my real-world combine when I got to meet up with this girl:

Danielle and I have a lot in common.  For one, we are both married to Brazilians.  They live in Brazil; we live in America, but there is still much we can connect on that others just don't get.  And she, like me, is becoming quite the cook in her kitchen (or at least we are trying to -- HA!).  I have had fun following her journey on her blog and she has been such a support here on mine.  It was only a quick lunch as we were passing through town, but it was great to put such an upbeat personality with the words I read.  I think we will have to spend more time the next time I am passing through!

I have to admit something... one of my favorite parts of meeting up with them is when her husband was talking about how much he loves the recipes they get from me.  It made me realize that, yes, people read what I write and do something about it, and yes, it is good food and not just in my imagination.  This knowledge makes all the effort I put into this blog worth it.  In fact, it made me almost sad that my last recipe (tuna casserole with spinach) was something that they could not enjoy unless they decided it was worth dropping something like $7 on one can of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup at Pao de Acucar grocery store... I don't care how much you like tuna casserole, I don't think it is worth it in that case.

So, Danielle, since I know you will be reading this, let me say the next few recipes should be totally Brazil friendly and have your name all over it.  I hope you like bananas!

Friends, come back later this week to see some of my super banana finds, such as homemade banana ice cream, banana panini, and chocolate banana bread.  I don't know about you, but I can't wait!


  1. yayyayayay! I was so happy we got to meet, too. :D

    If you start putting up banana recipes, Alexandre might start a campaign for you two to move in next door.

    And don't put it past me to drop money on American imports. If you put up a recipe like that on a particularly homesick day, I just might be inspired to spend R$50/kilo on cheddar cheese or something. :)

    Come back soon!

  2. Such a cute post. You're adorable.


  3. SO fun!! Can't wait for the banana stuff :) Your blog is adorable!!

  4. the blogging world is so cool isn't it?? it can provide so many connections that without blogging you wouldn't have otherwise met or connected with her

  5. Danielle you get around don't you! ;) Teasing out of jealousy. So cool you guys could meet!

  6. Ha! Next time I hit up Rio I will give you a shout :)


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