Monday, April 30, 2012

Beach, Bananas, and a Berry Good Time... (Banana Panini)

Guess what we did this weekend...

Yup, you got it!

Are you surprised?  Probably not.  (Note -- no, I am not in any of these pictures.  Such is the life of the photo-taker in the family.  But my husband is there with the red surfboard.  He is well documented, as are his friends.  And my friends.  And my flowers and my food and... well, you get the point.  I really need to get better at including myself!)

I did get one picture with me included and it happens to be my favorite picture from the weekend --

Not only did we hang out with our friends who live far, far away (Washington State, which is far, far away if you live in California), but we discovered PinkBerry for the first time!  Oh my goodness, this stuff is good!  We were hoping to get some Ben & Jerry's, but they no longer had the shop open any more.  It was a sad moment until we saw a little place with a line out the door.  And I can see why.  I got salted caramel with coconut, toasted almonds, brownie bites, and heath bar crunch for my toppings.  Talk about sugar and happiness overload!  Good friends, good food, good times...  :)

What else do you think we did?  Ate bananas, of course!  We are, after all, making our way through some (and by "some" I mean "many") banana recipes.

Remember my super-sweet-find from the other day?  Well, I took some of that, spread it on some bread, placed some bananas in it, and grilled away.

I don't have a fancy George Foreman grill or anything, so it looks a little more like a grilled-cheese sandwich than a panini (I couldn't think of a creative way to make the grill-lines), but whatever, the taste is the same --> the taste of MMMmmmm!

I had one and then I was done.  It was good, but it was sweet.  Very sweet.  My husband didn't seem to mind though.  He asked for another one and then went into the kitchen and smeared some more of the Cocoa Almond Spread on a piece of bread.  I think I found something we need to keep stocked up on!  (Or maybe not... I kind of like him slim and fit ;) )

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Cost Per Sandwich: $1.38


  1. That looks like so much fun! I know how it goes as the family photo-taker. I only appear in the posed shots or in mostly unflattering ones if I hand the camera over to my husband :)
    And YUM to salted caramel and brownie bites!

  2. Feed. This. To. Me.

    Thanks for encouraging me on my crazy litle 5k goal ♥ We'll see if I'm still around and functioning next week!

  3. Banana Panini's make me happy. Love this.

  4. I love paninis and making them with bananas is genius! This is an awesome sandwich for a fun weekend! :)

  5. You never ran out of great ideas and amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing!


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