Thursday, April 5, 2012

Field Trips, Futsal, and Farmer's Market... (Ribeirao Preto)

It is here: our last and final stop on the "See Brazil Through Tiffany's Eyes" tour -- Ribeirao Preto.

This "small city" by Brazilian standards (although quite large by mine, at 600,00+ inhabitants) is ranked at number four for best places to live in Brazil.  I do not know what the first three are, but I can tell you that Ribeirao Preto is quite proud of this ranking as they made sure we knew about it, whether through billboards or magazines.  And I can see why. 

Although it is far from the beach, it has a nice pace of life going on.  The streets are not congested, there is a lot of green as far as cities go, and for the most part, it is kept up pretty well. 

My favorite place in Ribeirao Preto, as with any Brazilian town, really, is the farmer's market.  Going to the feira livre on Friday mornings for pastel and caldo de cano (sugar cane juice) has become a weekly ritual for my husband and I whenever we are here.

And if you can't find what you are looking for here or in one of the many grocery stores around, you can always head over to the public market.  It may not be as impressive as the one in Sao Paulo, but it is worth a visit.

It might not be a hot-spot tourist destination like Ubatuba or Rio, but for a place to call "home", as my husband did for many years, it is just right.


  1. Some of my most favorite photos are the ones I've taken at the feira livre! Such color and life. And, of course, my favorite place to stop is the lady that makes caldo de cano- I take mine with lime juice. That right there is Heaven in a cup.

    I've really been enjoying reading about your adventures in Brazil!

  2. I know exactly what you are speaking about. Feira livre is where it is at -- and caldo de cano com limao is the BEST!

  3. That's where I was born!! It's so funny to me that I found your blog totally by accident and you've shown me little pieces of who I am through it! Maybe I will make the trip back to Brazil after 22 years...

  4. Yay! This comment made my day :) I am happy to be able to help you see into your past, even if it through my eyes!


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