Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Last Day of my Twenties {Wednesday Files}

I am one of those people who sees the good in everything.  You probably have noticed that already, and maybe have been even slightly annoyed.  As my aunt said the other day (after I declared that our botched plans would be OK because our new plans would work out even better): "Ah, there is Tiffany's true personality shining through.  You know what?  I want to feel to mad and annoyed, at least until we reach that trashcan!"  Ah, yes, I am the 'excessively happy' one...

Except when it comes to having my birthday two weeks after Christmas, one week after new years.

Then I am very realistic.

It sucks.

I can't count the number of people who are too fat, broke, or tired to go out and do something for my day. Oh wait, yes I can... pretty much everyone I know.  Which has led me to celebrate my birthday whenever I feel like, say March...?  Whatever.  It can be a very-merry un-birthday, right?

But this year -- my 30th birthday year! -- I put my foot down.  I was having a party and I was having on, or very close to, my birthday.

So that people wouldn't feel too broke I invited everyone over to our place.  Free, really.

And to avoid people having fear of getting fatter I just served cake and punch.  Simple.

Of course, everyone is still pretty tired after all the festivities, so we just hung out.  Nothing too grand.

And it was perfect.

By far, best birthday ever.  Right there, doing nothing, going nowhere, just eating cake.  I think I might have found a winning combination...

Nah.  Just wait.  Next time I will do something BIG.  Maybe in March ;)

(A 'Wednesday Files' Post, except it was shared on a Thursday.  Oh well, as you read above, actual dates and I don't always get along...)


  1. I love your shining happy personality. I totally get you on the inconvenient birth date. Mine is one week before Christmas. Usually on the exact day people get to head home from school (I live in a college town) and when many Christmas parties are being held (My families included). I love your combination: doing nothing, going nowhere, just eating cake. Works every time. Works even better with a party hat like yours!

  2. TIFF!! You're too adorable for words! I LOVE your personality... just like Billy Joel says, "Don't go changin... to try and please me" Oh wait... you're probably too YOUNG to remember that song! ;-)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my sweetness!

  3. Happy, happy birthday lovely! You look beautiful and happy:) and 30's not that bad after all! I'm 34!!! Happy, happy lovely lady!!!!

  4. Definitely a winning combo! Sounds like my kind of day... any day. Happy birthday, my dear. xx

  5. Happy birthday girl! The 30s look fabulous on you, and everyone is so happy! :)
    xo TJ

  6. Aww, I love your happy personality! :)


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