Friday, January 11, 2013

Sushi Bowl {Low-Residue}

A few months ago I shared my 'little secret' with you -- that I have Crohn's Disease.  I know I don't talk about it a lot, and there is a reason for that: I don't want it to be a part of the definition of me.  And most of the time, thanks to very good doctors and a husband who smacks my hand away when I reach for things like popcorn (and I personally believe, in answered prayers), I have been in remission for the past few years.  It has been AMAZING.

But sometimes little things pop up here and there and I have to back up a bit and remember that my colon and I don't always get along.  When that happens the very first thing that I change in my life is my diet.  Bananas, rice, applesauce, toast... the BRAT diet is kind of bland.  Yet it can be necessary sometimes.  Next step up?  A low-residue diet.  Basically, you cut out anything that causes lots of poop.

Yes, I just said that word.  In a food blog.

Here's the deal though: less poop = less pain.  And we all know that less pain = happy person, right?

Although a low residue diet does not cure or take away the issue itself, it does make the symptoms of Crohn's or ulcerative colitis more tolerable.  (Let me insert here I am not in any pain right now, so no need to feel sorry for me.  I am just doing what I can do to avoid that pain while I am in a small flare-up.  So far so good.)

Basically a low-residue diet is everything your doctor ever told you not to do: eat white breads instead of whole grains.  Stop eating leafy greens, or any greens really.  Fruit and veggies?  Yeah, be careful.  Stick to bananas and avocados, applesauce or other 'mushy' things.  And for me, cut out that dairy!  I know not everyone is sensitive to it, but I have definitely noticed that an increase in dairy (except yogurt) usually means an increase in discomfort.

As you can imagine, this diet can be very boring.  So what to do, what do do... ?

Time to get creative!  According to my list I can eat white rice.  Avocados are always good.  Tuna, fine.  And soy sauce?  No problem.

When I stopped to think about it, I realized those were the ingredients (or variations of them) of one of my favorite foods: sushi!  So I threw it all in a bowl, mixed it up (yes, you see some salt there, I had 'healthy' soy sauce and I wanted some saltiness in my life!), and enjoyed.  Much cheaper than hitting up Tokyo Tokyo and I can eat it in the comfort of my living room.  A low-residue meal that tastes pretty darn good!

Have you ever needed to eat a low-residue diet?  Any good 'recipes' to share?


  1. Yum, yum, yum sushi! This looks fantastic!

  2. oh yum this looks so good! I've never heard of the low-residue diet before!

  3. Dave and I didn't know what to make for a quick dinner tonight... then *lightbulb* we have an avocado that needs to be used and you had just posted this amazingly easy recipe that would be perfect! Made. Eaten. Satiated. Thank you!

  4. I`ve never heard of the low-residue diet before. But, it`s always good to learn more. This does look good!


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