Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Wednesday Files

Friends & Family

One of my favorite people visited me during my birthday week.  I made her work for me as I had some house projects I wanted to get done and so we were pretty busy, but we did manage to sneak away for a bit to hang out in Monterey.  We saw the jellyfish and hammerhead sharks at the aquarium and then caught the sunset over Cannery Row.  It was quick, but it was just what we needed.


Being on a low-residue diet kind of sucks.  But I am getting better and adding more and more things to the list of stuff I can eat right now.  While I wait to get back to full-on cooking I did try a couple of new recipes, but took pictures so terrible that they might make you cry.  That's what I get in the Winter when the sun sets early and the day is long.  But if you would like to have some of the best turkey burgers around and/or a great baked potato with egg, feta, and spinach, have at it!  Maybe your pictures will turn out better than mine.


I am a Packers girl in my heart.  For a very serious reason: their colors are green and yellow (gold).  And when I was told I needed to pick at a team at age 12, that sounded like a pretty good reason to pick a team at the time.  You know what?  I have stuck by them all these years... until they played the 49ers this past weekend.  I may be a Packers girl, but I am a Bay Area girl now.  It is in my blood.  And so I didn't wear green and yellow last Saturday night, but gold and red.  Yes, I know... traitor!  Hey, when in Rome, right?  (I must say, I was mighty proud of our local men.  Let's see how far they can bring it this year!)

Happy Wednesday, Friends!

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  1. I'm feeling you on the winter photo blues. Have to cook and bake on Saturday mornings to get any decent pictures. Have a great day!


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