Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tacos, ATV's, and Some Pina Coladas (Ensenada Birthday Weekend)

Remember when I said I was happy with my little shindig at my house for my birthday?

Well, I lied.

Not totally and completely.  I was happy with that totally chill and relaxed party.  But I also knew that I had a bigger thing coming.

You only turn 30 once!

For me, turning 30 meant making up for all those years of January-suck-birthdays.  And what a better way to do it than hop on a big boat bound for Mexico with your favorite people???

Note to the world: we don't do vacations the way many Americans do.  No tour busses for us, no itinerary mapped out.  Nope nope nope.  Instead, we find a local person and say, "If you had one day in this city, what would YOU do?"

And in this case, it led us to fab fish tacos (3 for $2) off the beaten path, some five-dolla bling, and ATVing our way through Ensenada and the local country side.  All in all, $33 per person.  For a day of fun in the sun.  And food to boot.

That's how we do vacations in this family.

And then we hopped back on the cruise ship, lived/laughed/partied it up, and generally had an all around PERFECT time.

One of the best weekends of my life.  Hands down.

If this is any indicator of how the thirties are going to be, I am predicting a great decade.  Cheers!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIFFANY!!! :) That`s awesome that you had such a fun birthday weekend! I definitely want to try ATV-ing one day. Hope you have a wonderful year~~

  2. HAPPY HAPPY birthday lovely!!!! Your pictures are gorgeous. I am so glad you got to have a BLAST, rightfully so on your 30th:) I'm pretty sure I did nothing. This is awesome!!! CHEERS!!!!! and welcome to the club, the 30's aren't bad at all so far!

  3. How fun! Love how colorful all the pictures are! Happy birthday!

  4. Hi have a question did you guys had a Guide when you went on the atv's?

    1. We did! I think his name was Manuel and he was located at -- shoot -- I don't remember! Great prices, great customer service. Sorry I can't tell you more :(


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