Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pretty much sums it up...

(First, watch this clip.  DO IT!)


... the first time I saw snow I was five.  On the beach.  When big semi-trucks dumped snow so we, the deprived ones, could use our K-mart snow coats and mittens.

... I learned (while in Russia) that you should not go outside with wet hair if the temperature is way below freezing.  Remember Cool Runnings?  Yeah...

... the number of times I have been to the snow?  Probably about 12.  Number of times I have enjoyed the snow?  More like four.

... the thermometer said 66F today and sunshine is streaming in.  All is made right in my world.


  1. I have been FREEZING! 58 degrees is cold. Thank goodness for electric blankets! (alert: fellow SoCal girl here)

  2. LOL. I freakin out when it gets below 65F. I`m just too used to the sun!


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