Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Feliz Ano Novo! (The Wednesday Files)

Happy New Year, Friends!  I know this isn't officially my first post of the year, but it is my first Wednesday post, which makes me happy.  I love Wednesdays and the freedom I allow myself to share anything I feel like for that day.  Cooking is fun, but it does make up my entire life, and Wednesday is the day I can share some of the rest with you.  Like talking about New Years...

So, did you make resolutions this year?  And more importantly, do you plan on keeping them?

I, for one, did not.  I used to.

Make the bed everyday
Floss more often
Eat sugar less
Exercise more

The lists were good.  All of those things, good, for sure.  But inevitably I would fail and then I would feel guilty, which would lead to discouragement.  So this year I am trying something new.  Another kind of list or two, if you will...

Things I want to keep doing...   and things I want to do a little more.  No real measurement tool, just hopeful growth.

Things I want to keep doing:

  1. trying new vegetables and fruits
  2. getting dressed up for me (as in, who cares if I am going to be running errands and won't bump into anyone I know?  I know me, and I want to feel good when I look in the mirror.)
  3. focusing on the moment.  This past year was really good for me in this area, and I feel more blessed than ever.
Things I want to do a little more:
  1. create things
  2. get up early and seize the day, even on weekends
  3. listen to the unexpected stories of others
Happy 2013!  May it be one of great memories, real growth, and love.

What things would you like to keep doing/do a little more of in this coming year?

PS -- I never posted it, but I made Joy the Baker's bourbon-spiked chocolate banana bread this past weekend for my Sundays with Joy group.  Didn't change the recipe, just did it as it was, and it was to die for.  Grab her book off your shelf and make some!


  1. Bourbon-spiked chocolate banana bread... that sounds heavenly.

  2. love the idea of things to keep doing and do more of - so positive!

    1. It is easier to want to do them if they are stated that way, right? :)

  3. I love your lists! I don't like to call my lists "resolutions" either...

    Feliz Ano Novo!!! Tudo de bom em 2013!! :)

    1. Obrigada, Ana! E para vcs tambem!!!

  4. happy new year to you as well! I like your intention to focus more on the moment. Always important!!

    1. It does make life a much better time. I used to miss the past so much and worry/dream about the future, but in the past couple of years I have tried to be intentional about NOW. It has been WONDERFUL.

  5. ummmm that looks delish! And I love the resolution of getting up early and seizing the day! Something I aspire to do as well. Happy New Year!


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