Sunday, October 7, 2012

October Unprocessed Survival Guide -- Week Two

Our produce for the week -- FRESH!

We have made it through the first week of all unprocessed food!  It has taken more consideration and planning, but it feels GOOD.

Last year we when we participated in this, I felt so overwhelmed.  My days were consumed with thoughts like, "How can I make this work?  What can I substitute instead of ______? What do you mean sugar is processed?!"  But because I stuck with it I learned so much, and this year is much MUCH easier.

One of the best parts about it this time around?  I have recruited friends to join me.  And then they recruited their friends, and on and on.  At this moment we are up to 93 of us in a group supporting each other.  NINETY-THREE!  Some are full on, like my husband and I (100%, everything, everyday), while others have committed to one meal per day or something like that.  However they are getting it done doesn't matter.  What matters is this: we are helping each other stop and think about what we are putting into our bodies.

And there have been some moments of success!  One friend noticed she lost some weight -- and not because she was hungry.  Awesome!  Another friend in Brazil discovered a great place to find healthier food choices than she was aware of.  So many others have felt victorious in making new dishes and trying new things.

Of course, there have been some moments of struggle.  I have heard people say they fell off the wagon on day 1, or had great intention but kept going back to their old routine.  And that's OK, too!  As I told these friends, it's not about being perfect.  It's about getting back up and trying again.  That's what counts.  If you keep trying then one day you will get it.  If at first you don't succeed, try try again!

Last week I made a menu for the first week, and I will be doing the same this week, except this time it is vegetarian.  I realized that I have a lot of vegetarian friends who want to participate but are used to relying on processed veggie meat to get their protein.  Obviously, this veggie meat is a big NO for this challenge, so they need some more ideas.  For that reason, this week's menu is vegetarian.

Day One //  Vegetable Frittata minus the sour cream
Day Two //  Zucchini Carrot Pancakes with salad on the side (seasoned with lemon juice and salt -- YUM!)
Day Three //  Mushroom Risotto
Day Four //  Chicken (or Hard Boiled Egg) and Apple Salad with homemade dressing
Day Five  //  Asparagus and Goat Cheese Pasta
Day Six  //  Butternut Squash and Mushroom Tortellini
Day Seven  //  Leftovers or Eat Out -- Whatever!  Just take a break :)


2 red onions
1/2 lb. green beans
1 tomato + what you want for salad
1/2 lb. potatoes
1 zucchini
1 large carrot
head of garlic
1 lb. mushrooms, divided for two meals
salad greens of your liking (spinach, lettuce, etc.)
2 apples, fuji or gala
2 bunches asparagus
small butternut squash
fresh sage
fresh dil

block of Parmesan
1 dozen eggs
real butter
buttermilk (smallest you can get)
organic, unprocessed mayo (you can get it at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods or make your own)
8 oz. fresh goat cheese

Extra virgin olive oil
unbleached flour
2 c. aborio rice
fresh vegetable bullion (TJ's or Whole Foods, or make your own)
white wine vinegar
1 lb. fusilli & 1 lb. tortellini, UNPROCESSED (again, check TJ's or Whole Foods.  They've got you covered.)

Great Breakfast Ideas

Green Smoothies!  Oh yeah!

Just add PURE soy or almond milk (you know where to go!), a frozen banana, some spinach and kale, a bit of fresh honey and a tablespoon of natural peanut butter.  Ta-da!

Or click HERE for more ideas :)


Get some nuts for salty cravings, and mix bananas with pure cane sugar and cinnamon and put in the microwave for 45 seconds for sweet cravings.

And remember to check Andrew Wilder's site Eating Rules for other great suggestions throughout the week. We can do it!!!


  1. This is so great!! :) This has definitely made me want to eat healthier, even if I`m not October unprocessed.

  2. Very cool! I need to do this!!!

    1. Do it, do it, do it! (That's me cheering you on!)


  3. Tiffany, curious about this challenge . . . Where do items like canned beans / tomatoes / veggies or frozen vegetables / fruit fall? Processed or not?

    1. Processed. Unless you can them yourself. Frozen? I don't know. We never eat them anyway, but I think the website will have the info. I would say processed for this challenge, though. Check out for more answers. Andrew has ALL the answers :)


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