Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Wednesday Files: Costa Rica Road Trip

We have been busy.  Really busy.  And when we are really busy doing life sometimes I imagine sitting on a beach with a fresh coconut in my hand and sand between my toes.  That is my favorite kind of life.

I have shared a little bit about our trip to Costa Rica last summer, but I found myself thinking about it a lot today.  Sun, sand, surf.  Monkeys, zip lines, bananas...

We started our adventure at the Tree Houses Hotel near Arenal.  Sleeping in a tree house in the middle of the jungle kind of sounds like ever 8-year-old little boy's best dream, right?  Well, it was this grown woman's best dream as well.

We chose to sleep with the windows open (protected from the bugs by screens) so we could hear the sounds of the jungle around us, but if you are into that little thing called A/C, they have it for you.  And hot showers.  In a tree house.  In a jungle.

Yes, it really is awesome like that.

And they made a great breakfast for us every morning.  Check them out.

We spent the next two days hiking around a volcano and enjoying the natural hot springs.  Like I said, this is my favorite kind of life.

We loved that part of the trip, but we were excited to head on out to the next stop...

Yes, you are reading that correctly: Witch's Rock Surf Camp.

We went to surf camp!

My husband was already a surfer (and an avid one at that), but how about me?  Did I learn how to surf???

Looks like I did :)

Surfing by day, eating good food by night.  Walks down the beach and drinking tons and tons of fresh pineapple juice.  Tamarindo was good to us.

And Witch's Rock Surf Camp?  Superb.  I don't think my husband can go more than two weeks without saying, "We need to go back to surf camp in Costa Rica..."

Sadly, our trip was almost over.  But we had one more spot that we were told we MUST see while in Costa Rica -- Manuel Antonio.

Manuel Antonio is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Costa Rica.  And it is easy to see why.  Pristine beaches, beautiful jungle to explore, and my favorite: MONKEYS!

Yes, that's me.  And yes, those are monkeys.  Right behind me.  They were everywhere!  So awesome!!!

What else is awesome?  Free, fresh coconuts.  And zip lining through jungles.

Unfortunately, all vacations come to an end.  They wouldn't be a vacation if they didn't.  So we hopped on a plane and headed back into real life, you know -- work and bills and house cleaning.  But whenever I feel a little tired of those things, I just stop to think about that time in Costa Rica, just me and my man, and whole lot of adventure.  That's what I love about vacations.  They end, but their memories stay with you forever.


  1. Looks amazing! Look at you up on that surf board! My boyfriend wants to go to Costa Rica so bad. He said it was voted to have the happiest people in the world. Those tree houses look so cool!

    1. I totally believe they are the happiest people in the world! Hands down, our favorite country. Has all the elements of Brazil that we love + all the elements of Palau that we love. PERFECT.

  2. You two are so ADORABLE ♥ I`m loving these pictures!! I love how you guys held up the little sign. Too cute! I totally want to learn surfing too!

  3. Sooo cool! I love how you guys did the pictures and it looks like it was an amazing vacation! I wish Mr Rant and I could be this organized!

    1. Hahaha, it's called middle of the night ideas and an up-for-anything husband, not so much of 'organization' ;)

  4. I have officially 'pinned' this for future trip planning! SO great :)

    1. Let me know if you ever go. I can give you good ideas that you are free to take or leave ;)


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