Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Wednesday Files, Part 2

Yesterday I shared some of the pictures I was working on this week for my friends.  Baby bump pictures are always fun, and this time I got add some Fall flavor to them!

This little family was the very first one I did a photo shoot for, almost two years ago.  It is because of them that I learned that I could -- and enjoy -- taking pictures of people.  How fun to be able to be able to capture this big change in their lives!

As you can see, the big sister is quite excited for her new baby sister to arrive.  Imagine all the hair ribbons and dolls their house is going to have!

What a beautiful little family... one that is not going to be so little for much longer!  May health, happiness, love, and joy follow you all the days of your lives, and may Baby Olivia be a light in your world.

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  1. OH so fun! I love the series of three with the orange background and the black and white especially.


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