Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday -- 3.7.12


First of all, I am loving...

1} MARCH!  This is my favorite month of the year.  After the rain and dreariness of Jan and Feb, this month holds promise of longer days, brighter sunshine, and lots of fun to be had.  It is the beginning of the best time of the year -- the sunshiny months.  It is full of optimism.

2} that this season of The Bachelor is almost over.  (Oh, The Bachelor, my guilty pleasure.) You know what?  I like Ben, I really do.  He is one of my favorite bachelor's so far.  Buuuuuuut... I just don't care for Courtney and I know how it is going to end up and I stopped watching.  I just read the recaps and then move on.

3} that I have been getting into my gym routine again.  After two months of stuff that prevented it (a cold, trips, another cold, and so on and so forth) I am happy to say I have worked out three times -- AKA my goal -- in the past week.  Woot-woot!

 4} the time change scheduled for Sunday.  I am so excited to have the sun go down later.  I feel so ALIVE when I have lots of daylight left in my day after work.  Alive and PRODUCTIVE.

5} Last week I was excited to have Catching Fire on my desk, this week I am excited because this bad boy should be showing up today or tomorrow (depending on if this particular former student of mine remembers to bring it): 

I am ready to see how Katniss Everdeen, the Girl on Fire, finishes her journey.

6} Speaking of Katniss, I am super loving that the movie will be coming out soon.  We rarely go to the movies (something about neither of us wanting to spend $20+ when we can wait a bit and get it for a buck at the RedBox), but there are some things you must see in the theater.  I had convinced my husband that I needed to see Titanic on the big screen as I was not allowed to do so when it came out the first time.  (My parents were not too keen on their 15 year-old daughter seeing nudity on the big screen.)  But then I saw the Hunger Games were coming out right before that and I knew that I needed  to see that, too.  Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Babe, you wanna see The Hunger Games with me when it comes out?

Him:  Another movie?

Me:  Here, look at the trailer... you will love this movie, I promise.

Him: I don't know... the Avengers are coming out at the same time and I thought we were going to see that...

Me:  If you see The Hunger Games with me I won't make you see Titanic.

Him: DONE!  Let's watch it.

Poor Kate and Leo, I may never see you on the big screen.  But Katniss, I will be there to cheer you on.  You have my full support!  :)

Back to things I am loving...

6} Greek Style Baked Eggs.  I saw this on Pinterest last Friday and immediately told my husband to run to the grocery store for Feta.  I have had these three times since.  They are just too good.

 7} Other great recipes that must make their way into my belly:
Zucchini Wrapped Feta and Kalamata Olives
 8} the countdown to Brazil has begun!  It has been 15 months since our last trip and I am looking forward to many things.  Seeing family and friends, of course... but also Brazilian pizza and pastel and sugar cane juice and grilled cheese (not the sandwich, but actual cheese that is grilled) on the beach and churrasco and... I really could go on and on. 

9} our Brazil Smile Box is almost full!  I asked the students at my school to help sponsor 24 kids at an orphanage in Brazil so we can take the stuff down there, and we have received almost everything we have asked for.  That means 24 children will each receive a brand new shirt, pair of pajamas, socks, underwear, school supplies, and a toy.  I can't wait to pass these bags out!!!

10} my new shoes.  I was looking for a pair of nude pumps and cute summer sandals to wear anywhere.  I found both.

From Payless:

 From Forever 21:

And, of course, my man!  He is my biggest encourager, even with my crazy ideas like the "Not Barefoot in the Kitchen" section I started.  It is because of him and the support he gives that I have the courage to try new things.  Another reason I love him!

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Happy Wednesday, Folks!


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  1. yay for hunger games and i love those shoes!

  2. That so beautiful and special photos! Have you had a very good initiative to bring these things so necessary for these children in Brazil.

  3. Oh my, I'm swiping your Greek baked eggs pin. Those look delicious! Ditto for the garlic rolls as well. I love your idea for a "smile box" - what a tremendous opportunity to bless a child in need and such a brilliant idea. That's just wonderful! Those heels are from Payless? Seriously? Oh my word, I'm so surprised - they are fabulous. I'll be making a stop by there in the near future for sure!

    I love your space - thank you so much for stopping by my blog earlier & leaving such a kind comment!

  4. I was pretty sure that I was the only one who had never seen Titanic, and it warms my heart to know there are others out there. Go see Hunger Games and be happy. We'll never know or care what we are missing :)

  5. Another mouth-watering post. The garlic rolls remind of Tra Vigne. Sigh. <3 Love the workout quote, lol. And the cute new shoes!


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