Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday -- 2.29.12

Happy Leap Day!  I love that I got to put 2.29 on the date today.  So rare, you know?  I love experiencing rare things.

Today, I am loving:

1} DayQuil.  No joke.  Without it I would straight up miserable.  But it is allowing me to function.  Remember that cold I had last week?  Well, I shared it with my husband.  And then he so kindly shared it back with me.  I mean, I know scientifically that doesn't make sense, but anyway, that's what happened -- or something like that.

2} K-Love Radio.  I really appreciate having something positive and uplifting to listen to.  It can turn a bad mood into a good one, or a moment of stress into a moment of peace.  It helps me put everything into perspective.  (Listen to it online HERE.)

3} that I have this book on my desk.  One of my former students dropped it off to me today.  So happy!  (Thanks, Leanne!)

4} Tomorrow is March!  I love March.  It is the beginning of the sunshiny time of the year.  It always seems so full of hope and promise.

And being March my finds for this week are things that to me scream LIFE.  (Remember to click on the pictures if you want to be taken to their sources.)

5} these wardrobe pieces

6} quick and easy pasta sauce guide by Rachael Ray.

7} this Spring like center piece from Better Homes & Gardens.  It is fake flowers glue-gunned to branches.  Brilliant!

8} We are having a Mario Kart Tournament in class this afternoon.  Remember that marble jar I mentioned before?  Well, they filled it up. 

9} that it is music time.  I love my kids (students), but I love my music break every Wednesday!

10} two very cool bloggy things: (1) The night I posted about the baked eggs in chunky tomato sauce a friend (actually, my boss, but I consider her a friend, too) sent me a text showing that she made my recipe.  How wonderful!  Best form of a compliment I can get.  (2) This:

I know for many people out there this little 6,000+ for Feb. count is low, but for me it is beautiful.  See that upward trend?  That's because of YOU!  Thank you for reading my words, commenting and sharing your encouragement/thoughts/questions, and for following my cooking-slash-life journey with me.  I am happy to have all of you here!!!

And last, but definitely not least, I am loving my husband.  He is always so sweet to me, but especially when I am not feeling well.  He goes above and beyond what I could hope for. 

Happy Wednesday, Folks!


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  1. i LOVE KLOVE! my favorite :)

    & all the Hunger Games books. ENJOY!

    1. Going to start reading it tonight... and trust me, I WILL ;)

  2. You and your hubs are so cute!! I am a student...and will be for another 4 years! I'm in undergrad now, but start Pharmacy School in the fall. I would love to have Spring Break forever! Hope you have a lovely Wednesday!

    1. Enjoy those last Spring Breaks... it is a blessing very few get to enjoy!

  3. I am impressed with the number of page views you got in one month. I think 6000 is very impressive. You should be impressed.

    1. Oh, I am impressed! And ecstatic and amazed. I think I follow too many bloggers that get more than that in a day... makes me realize that for some it is such a small number. But as I said, for me it is beautiful :)

  4. WOW! i love all this beauty. it's amazing.

    most especially the pictures of couples. and the spring twigs. and congrats on the blog growth. :) so exciting!


  5. I adore all of the images you posted. The Giraffe pic is amazing. Congrats, on the page views...awesomeness!

  6. Over 6,000 page views in one day? I would jump up and down and shout Hallelujah!!! I'm with Val, the giraffe pic is adorable!

    1. OH NO! Trust me, I would be doing more than jumping up and down!!! 6,000 in one month... and I am still jumping up and down ;)

  7. Thank you for sharing the wednesday these beautiful images!


I love hearing from you! Thanks for making my day :)

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