Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Not Barefoot in the Kitchen -- Kale Quesadillas

Did you know that green is my favorite color?  Well, it is.  I like a lot of colors, but my absolute most favorite is green.  Which is one of the reasons I like Spring so much.  St. Patrick's Day is never a really big deal to me but I do appreciate the fact that everything gets to be green on that day. 

Look at my smile.  There is no denying my love for this color of life that is surrounding me!  That's because good things come in green: grassy fields, palm trees, money... see? 

And kale.  Kale comes in green, too.

That makes it a perfect ingredient for St. Patrick's Day food. 

I know a lot people don't really like it, but in Brazil they looooove kale.  I have never met a Brazilian who doesn't like it.  In fact, I never even knew what it was until I was there and had lots of couve served to me.  For all I knew it was a vegetable native to that land of plenty.  It wasn't until my husband desperately needed some (or so he said) that I searched around and found out that it was sitting in my local grocery store all along.  Silly me.

Something else that is green that I am loving is this top.  I have had it for about a year now, but it is still one of my favorites.  And the belt... the best part is that the it came with the shirt.  For $17 at Love Culture I got not only a cute top but an incredibly useful and sassy belt, too.  Then I was able to save some green ;)

Belts have become all the rage lately.  Well, I guess not just lately, they come and go as all fashion does, but right now they are quite popular.  I don't own all that many, three actually, but these three have served me well. 

My first was this one:
Yes, I call it the Santa belt because, as you might be able to see, it looks like the belt Santa wears around his bowl-full-of-jelly-belly. 

Then I got the one you see in today's pictures.
My everything belt.  It has found a prominent place in my wardrobe.

And last, but definitely not least, is my favorite:
Yeah, I name my belts... but you must admit, this one is kind of Madonna-ish with it's little studs and all.  I got it at H&M, and Madonna is actually one of their designers, so who knows... it might actually be a "Madonna Belt".

The thing I like about belts is this: they are one simple thing you can do that make your outfit go "almost there" to "complete".  I must thank my friend and colleague Patricia for encouraging me to start using them in my attire.  She has a great eye for accessories, one that I am trying to develop.  But I am learning.  Like with this headband.  It is something that is so simple, yet makes a big difference.  And it was only $5 at Charlotte Russe.  What a steal!

So back to that other green... the kale.  I was flipping through the latest issue of Everyday Food and saw this little header:  "More ways to give kale kid appeal" and under it were some great ideas:
  1. Tear, toss with oil, and bake for crisp chips                (check!  Did that last October.  Yum.)
  2. Replace some basil with blanched kale when making pesto
  3. Add sauteed kale to grilled cheese or quesadilla
I didn't even need to go on.  Sure, the list had a few more, but I honed in on what I wanted: kale quesadillas.

We rarely have tortillas in the house, but I did have lavash bread.  Kale and cheese were already in the fridge, as well.  In fact, all of the ingredients were in that "now what do I do with them?" phase that food goes through when you have more than you need for a recipe but no good idea of how to get rid of them. 


I knew exactly how to get rid of them...

By Jove, we have a winner!  I just added a little Feta (also in that limbo stage that food lives in sometimes) and man oh man, it was good.  So good that we had it two days in a row.  And then right now as my husband asked what I was working on and I showed him he said, "Oh.... *drool*  that's GOOD!"

Kid appeal?  Shoot, this had adult appeal. 

There you have it folks, Kale Quesadillas.  An unexpected turn of events, but a highly welcomed one.  And green, perfect for this time of year.  Enjoy!

  • 1/2 pack lavash bread
  • 1/2 bunch fresh kale
  • Cheese -- your favorite
  • 1/2 cup of Feta
  • Spreadable butter
  • 1 Tablespoon olive oil
  • salt to taste
  1. Chop the kale in to small sections.  Over medium heat, put the olive oil in a large non-stick skillet.  When warm, add kale and a dash of salt.  Stir occasionally until sauteed, about 5 minutes.  When finished, set kale aside and clean out skillet. 
  2. Using lavash bread, kale, cheese, and feta, make quesadillas.  Put butter on the sides of the bread that will touch the pan to help grill.  At this point I am going to assume you know what to do... so go for it! :)

Cost: $5.68                   Cost Per Serving (4) $1.42

Add a salad on the side for a complete meal, and it is still under $2 per serving. 


  1. Estoy de acuerdo, un bonito cinturón es un complemento que se puede utilizar muchas veces con diferente ropa. Te queda sensacional!
    Me encanta esta receta con col.... tengo que probarla!
    Muchos besos

    1. Obrigada!

      Vc fala em ingles, portugues, e espanhol... que legal! Posso entender espanhol mas nao posso falar :P Verdade, eu preciso pensar em ingles primeiro, portugues segundo, e despues em espanhol kkkkkk!


    2. depois, not despues... I guess I do have some spanish in me ;)

  2. This will probably be my dinner tonight! I'm gonna George Foreman it up! I think I'm going to make them, and then while Alexandre is going on about how good they are, I'll say, "hey, so the girl who gave me the recipe is going to be in town soon..." eh? eh? :D Email soon xo

  3. Oh yum! I love your blog! I'm always looking for good healthy recipes!

  4. Thanks for the idea! I recently tried kale for the first time, so I've been looking for new ways to prepare it!

  5. those look amazing! i love kale AND my favorite color is green too : )

  6. Could you be more cute??? Love your blog Tiffanny!!!!!

    Pam Purkey


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