Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1.25.12 -- What I am Loving Wednesday

It's Wednesday again --> YES!  I have actually been waiting for Wednesday to roll around so that I can focus my attention on things I am loving and have a reason to share it with you all.  What a great way to live your day, right?  So, here are the things that are making me happy today, the last Wednesday of January, 2012.  (My oh my this year is flying by!)

1} The fact that I am alive today after an almost near car accident last night on my way home from work.  I am loving anti-lock brakes that work.

2} I've said it before and I will say it again: coconut water with dark chocolate.  I had it once and I am dreaming having it again.  Time to get my butt over to Trader Joe's.

3} Children who turn in their work on time and don't have missing work.  (Of course, I love the children who have missing work as well, but you get what I am saying...)

4} The sunshine.  I am wearing a sweater and no jacket, yet I am not cold.  SWEET!

And for my fab Pinterest finds for today:
(All pictures are linked to original source)

5} These shoes.

6}This look for bridesmaid's dresses.  Not that I am ever going to have a wedding myself again, but for those I help plan, this is my suggestion.  LOVE.

7} These paper hearts for Valentine's Day decorations.  Wax paper and crayons.  Simple.

8} Multiple ways to tie scarves.  I adore scarves. 

9} These words -- my motto recently.

10} I found my own picture on pinterest when I was browsing, and I never pinned it.  I don't know the specific word to describe it, but it is a great feeling. (It is the one on the bottom left.)

And of course, my husband.  Why?  Because he is sweet, handsome, caring, and just all around wonderful.  And he gives the best hugs. 

Happy Wednesday, Folks!


{January 18, 2012}


  1. Great post! 1. So glad you're okay! 2. Sounds intriguing. Wish I had a TJ's nearby. :( Also, love your fashion finds! And how cool is it that someone pinned from your blog?? :)

    1. Miljoy, I did not realize you do not have TJ's there. I would die! You need to try it next time you find one nearby :)

  2. I love the scarf thing! I am crazy about scarves as well! And garlic, which is why I stopped by your blog. Love the title! Can't wait to read more!

  3. Your recent motto has a typo! Sorry, the copy editor in me just couldn't let it go... :)

    1. HAHA! I noticed it to, but I thought I would be the only one, but I should have known it would not get past YOU! :)


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