Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2.8.12 - What I am Loving Wednesday

Valentine's Day is less than a week away, and although I am not really a big Valentine's Day girl I am really loving some Valentine's themed-things right now.  Don't worry about my lack of excitement for "The Day of Love".  I have always thought it was overrated, when I was single, dating, and married...  I had a friend tell me once that "everyday is Lover's Day when you are with the right person", and that is truly how I feel.  That being said, however, I am loving some very V-day-ish type things.

For instance, pictures of couples in love.

What can I say?  Some people hate kissing pictures, but I love them.  There is something so perfect in a kiss between two people who really care about each other.

I am also loving these Valentine's Day inspired treats.  (As always, click on them to be taken to their original source/recipe.)

Other than V-Day stuff, I am loving:

1} my bright green walls in my classroom.  Think Neon Green Highlighter.  Although I almost cried when I originally saw the finished product, I now look at them with gratefulness that they can cheer up any cloudy day, such as today.

2} the M&M's Superbowl commercial.  CRACKED ME UP!  If you didn't see, go find it on YouTube.  It is well worth it.

3} the power of a marble jar with nine-year-olds.  Yeah, it may be extrinsic motivation but whatever, it works.

4} pastel skinny jeans.  Hated the bright colored ones, but these are awesome.  Now the question is will this look be good on me?  Hmmm...

5} this bedroom.  Look at all that sunlight.  Sigh.

6} Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter.  I ran out a few weeks ago and have been relying on the healthy stuff from Trader Joe's, and as much I love Trader Joe's (and you know I do!), nothing beats the gooey goodness of Skippy.  I would like to thank my man for braving the peanut butter section in the grocery store yesterday to help me satisfy my craving.  You may think that is no big deal, but for a Brazilian man who never eats peanut butter and has never been faced with all the options, this was quite the feat.  ("Man, you Americans are serious about your peanut butter!"  Yes, yes we are.)

7} Ripe avocados.  Yum.

8} My husband and the fact that he has never, ever sent me roses on Valentine's Day, but he sent red tulips instead, knowing they are my favorite.

(Us, celebrating our three-day-after-Valentine's Day celebration in 2010.)

Happy Wednesday, Folks!


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  1. I love that bedspread! I wonder where it's from!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I still can't get into the original Toms, but I have high hopes for the ballet flats! Definitely going to look for some when I'm in Dallas soon! I love tulips too. I don't know if they still have it, but awhile back I got a really cool tulip vase from Crate and me an added excuse to get tulips whenever they're in season! :)

  3. FIrst of all, Thank you for being such a wonderful support to me. I truly appreciate it more than you know. I feel so blessed to have had the opporunity to have met so many wonderful women through this blog:)
    Secondly your blog is lovely. New follower:) xoxoox Hanna

    1. You're welcome! That is something I have also come to love about this blog world -- being able to connect with others out there that I probably would never encounter. I am happy you are here, following my little blog :) Thank you!

  4. I found your blog in What I'm Loving Wednesday and today, you're in my What I'm Loving Wednesday! I'm so excited about some yummy recipes!


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