Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2.1.12 - What I am Loving Wednesday

February is here!  Holy cow.

I had a rough night of sleep last night.  Bad dreams.  Sad and scary, both at the same time.  And no, I didn't watch TV right before I went to sleep or eat late at night, so no need to try to figure out why.  Just sometimes (rarely, thankfully) they happen.  That means I woke up very sleepy and not really excited about today.  Which makes this very important.  I could have just kept going not really excited about what I would find, but I couldn't -- I needed to see the things around me that I am loving today.  Totally put me in a better mood.  If only it could cure the sleepy thing, too.

Today, I am loving...

1} the pictures I am currently editing from an engagement shoot this weekend.  Great location, beautiful couple, what more could I ask for?

2} the mere fact that it is Wednesday.  While on Tuesday I have no real breaks during the day (lunch duty, etc.) on Wednesday I have two breaks.  Time to get stuff done in peace and quiet!

3} this new recipe I am trying tonight (substituting beef for pork because I think pork is gross):

4} that February is here.  My least favorite months of the year are Jan and Feb, but this year I was proactive and made sure they would be super-full of wonderful things, and I do have MANY wonderful things to look forward to this month :)

5} Target.  Their clothes are getting cuter and cuter, and I am getting compliments on my Target clothes (today included).  Who needs to drop big money to look cute?  Not this chica!

6} a conversation I had with a coworker/friend this morning.  It is nice to have someone encourage and support you, and to be able to do the same in return. 

And my three happy Pinterest Finds for today --

7} heart-shaped sushi from HollysHelpings.  Yum and cute.

8} my preferred method of travel... except when going down steep hills.  I am looking forward to Brazil.

9} this simple and yet brilliant idea from Apartment Therapy:

10} that I got to spend the weekend with this girl.  (Not only is she a great friend, but she is the one who introduced me to the love of my life!)

And of course, my man.  As always.  Today's specific thing -- he had Mint Milanos waiting for me when I got home from a weekend of travel.  This man knows the way to my heart :)

(Last January, NOT in our home state of California!)
Happy Wednesday, Folks!


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