Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thirty Days -- Day 29: I get by with a little help from my friends

Where would we be without friends?  Well, lonely (for one), bored (most of the time), and in my case, totally off the wagon.

The Thirty Day Challenge wagon, that is.

I cannot count the times that I have been able to pull in one more successful day because of the support of a friend.  For instance, there was the day I was running late and threw a bagel and a tub of peanut butter into my purse.  How I wish I could have gone on that show they used to have with the purse challenge.  If they asked for something edible I would have won, hands down.  That day worked out pretty well, but the next day I had no peanut butter to put on my bagel since I left the jar on my desk at work so I figured I would just take the bagel with me -- except I forgot at it at home.  So instead of a bagel with peanut butter I was just staring at just the peanut butter.  Not exactly considered food all by itself.  Imagine how happy I was when five minutes after arrived a colleague handed me a bowl of berries and said, "I have a lot today.  Want some?  And there is pastries in the kitchen if you want. Please, take some.  We have too many."


Or there was that day when another friend called me to meet at a restaurant.  Of course, I had to say no.  "Ok, how about In n' Out and we just get soda?"  Still no.  I told her not to worry, I would meet her there and get a water.  It may just be $2, but my deal was no money spent on things other than from my kitchen; $20 or $2, it did not matter.  Yet when I arrived she had a soda cup in her hand and an empty one across from her, waiting for me.  Not only was it sweetened with (loads of) sugar, but the rootbeer that afternoon was extra delicious with a large scoop of kindness mixed in.

Things like this, as well as other friends inviting me over to their house while my husband was out of town for ten days or having a positive attitude when asked to eat my home cooked food instead of that of a professional chef made the past twenty-nine days positive.

Tomorrow is Day 30.  I have come this far, I will not fail.

Next 36 hours?  Bring it on.

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