Monday, June 6, 2011

Jamie Oliver -- A True (non)American Hero

I must admit it, Jamie Oliver is somewhat of a super star to me.  With so much trash on TV (enjoyable trash, albeit) it is nice to find a show that is promoting something good.  Not that it is the only one, I know you have all had a moment with the tissue box in your lap and a permanent smile pasted on your face as Ty Pennington and the crew shout out, "Move... That... Bus!"  Quality TV, to be assured.  It's just that with the Food Revolution it is something a little more to me.  I see others making a change, I learn something new, and then I in turn want to make a change for me. 

The thing that gets me, though, is in the midst of this there are so many people who are not just ignorant, because honestly, we can't really blame someone for being ignorant... most of the time.  You see it all the time, these people are (*gasp*) shocked to learn that feeding your kids food that came straight from the freezer into the deep frying cooker thing is bad for you.  They wax eloquent about how this is what their family knows and likes and what are they going to do differently, really?  Yet they are quick to (1) listen, (2) learn, and (3) make some healthy changes.

No, it is not the ignorance that gets to me.  Ignorance is often the result of a community, not an individual.  The thing that just gets me, and I mean GETS ME is that so many people are apathetic about it.  "Yeah," they say, "I know that is going to kill my children someday, but you know, they like it."  No, sorry, I don't know.  Really, honestly, truthfully, I just don't get that train of thought.  I do get not knowing how to fix it, I do get being sad you have to change a lifestyle you are deeply embedded in; these are things I get.  As someone who lived off of packaged foods for years, I understand that.  But I want more than just quick and easy and a heart attack on the side.

Hence my affection for Jamie.  He has chosen to fight a big fight.  I hope he wins.

(And besides, he makes cooking look so incredibly fun, doesn't he?   I totally look like that when I am cooking... Yeah, that was the sound of my nose growing a couple of inches that you just heard.)

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