Wednesday, June 22, 2011

He said, She said.

My handsome man and I were on the phone the other day, just shooting the breeze while he was on his way home, when this conversation came up:

Him: So, what are you doing right now?

Her: Just eating a snack and relaxing. 

Him:  Nice.  Anything delicious?

Her:  You bet, cottage cheese and orange juice.  It is a healthy snack.

Him: Cottage cheese and orange juice?!

Her:  Well, not together!  Like, I have a bowl of cottage cheese in front of me and a glass of orange juice off to the side.  No worries, I didn't mix them or anything.

Him:  Still, that's weird.

Her:  Weird?  What's so weird about it?

Him:  Cottage cheese is from milk.  You are eating fruit with milk.

Her:  And?

Him:  It's weird.

Her:  No, it's not.  People mix fruit with cottage cheese all the time.

Him:  But it's still weird.

Her:  No!  You mix milk with fruit when you make your smoothie things...

Him:  But that's different...

Her:  Really, how is that different?

Him:  It gets all mixed up, you know... it's just different.

Her:  Um... not really sure I see the difference...

Him:  Well, this is coming from the girl who eats peanut butter on bananas.

So, what's this picture of our wedding got to do with this? 


Isn't this what marriage is all about, really?  Taking two people, two ideas of what is weird and what isn't, and mixing it all together until you have one big crazy mess of this and that, but it all works beautifully.  I still maintain that cottage cheese and OJ is a great snack (and I had some today, btw!) while Paulo will forever hold to the belief that the two should not be side by side.  Yes, I may eat my bananas with peanut butter, but he eats his with rice and beans, for goodness sake!  And that is great.  It's like the avocados... two different ways of seeing the world (in this case, food), yet in the end I would rather have my non-cottage-cheese-with-orange-juice eating husband by my side than anybody else.  And honestly, I think these differences bring a lot of spice to our life... and just like any food that you set in front of you, it is the spice that you put into it that makes all the difference!

PS -- I know I have not been putting a lot of actual cooking posts up lately.  That's because I have not been cooking a lot of new things recently.  I have a CRAZY summer schedule, so if you are looking for good recipes, you might have to look elsewhere for awhile.  But there will be a few scattered here and there, so keep your eyes peeled!  (I have some good things coming your way...)  Besides, I don't consider this just a "cooking blog", I consider this more of a "glimpse of my life through the lens of food" blog.  And food comes in many forms other than cooking, such as the snack/conversation above :)


  1. I love this differences between a couple...because it's make things more interesting in the relationships!!

  2. Hi Tiffany,
    I'm here, in my husband computer (waiting for mine to be fixed, hopping my last pictures are safe) and came across this post...I'm enjoying your blog a lot, love the way you write and this post in particular made me laugh a lot (and the avocado one too!!)!! I'm always fascinated by the differences between cultures, specially when the matter is food and it's really cool the way you are experiencing it! Thanks for sharing!!!


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