Monday, June 20, 2011

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Sounds like I am about to write a love poem to my husband, huh?  Although there are many, many things I could say about him, this post is not about my love for him.  It is about my other love: Trader Joe's.

Why do I love this store so much you ask?  Well...

there are my favorite non-homemade cookies in the whole world. 

These come in several flavors, all delicious, but my favorite is Candy Cane.

What can I say?

I am a sucker for Christmassy goodness. 

Then, of course, we have all those amazing staples at such a low price.

OJ, cream cheese, eggs, butter...

... you name it, they probably have it.  And preservative free.  LOVE IT! 
(Does this one even need an
explanation, really?)

Yum.  Discovered this one today. 

Let me say it again.  Yum

Now, before you think all I eat is sweets,
let me tell you about edamame hummus.  Sounds
good, huh?  That's because it is.  Good tasting and good for you.

And so is the garlic hummus.

And sun dried tomato hummus.  And... well... you get the idea. 

Chicken Sausage.

For a non-pork eater, this is 'da bomb!

(Yes, I really did just say that.)

The Sample Section = my favorite place in the store.  I find so many good, easy recipes there for lazy evenings.

Tonight's sample was meatballs, pineapple chunks, and Soyaki. 


And for you vegetarians out there who are like, "Yuck, meatballs!"  You can put those "yucks" behind you because they have meatless-balls for you.  Nice, huh?

As well as other meatless products... 

So we have the snacks, the desserts, the delicious dinner options, the basic food supplies.  But what are we going to drink with our dinner?  Or lunch?  Or snack?  Have no fear, they have wonderful choices for that, too.

All of this, and my grocery bill has shrunk considerably since I started doing the bulk of my shopping here instead of other unnamed stores.  And who doesn't like the island feel and crazy/fun workers? 

I have often dreamed of packing up and moving overseas again someday, but this might be the very thing that keeps me local.


  1. Nice post! I enjoyed reading it!!

  2. the office secretary at my school puts out those candy cane cookies every december. guess where i spend my free periods during that season... :P

  3. hmm i've often wondered what the allure was at trader joe's...until i finally got some of their super creamy yogurt! it blew my mind. they are great.

  4. I will have to try it. You never, know, Yogurt just might make the list ;)


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