Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Reverse Bucket List

I had this plan.  I even wrote it down.  You know what I am talking about -- a Summer bucket list.  It went something like this:

  • ride a roller coaster again after a long time
  • lay out on the grass and watch the stars on a warm evening
  • see the big trees
  • go to the county fair
  • and so on...
You want to know a secret?  I didn't check a single thing off that list.  

You know, I was just too busy being in out of state weddings and conventions and doing what needed to be done that I just didn't have time.  And I almost let that get me down.  

But then I came up with the reverse-bucket list.  Instead of making a list of things I wanted to do (and didn't get to), I am making a list of things I got to do, whether they were planned or not.  And this list looks much better --
  • ate Tex-Mex in Houston
  • slept in a cabin with good friends in the Rockies
  • drove through the Napa Valley at midnight with the music turned up and the full moon shining in through the open sun roof
  • enjoyed Cirque du Soleil KA on the Strip in Vegas
  • visited with my brother, finally home from Afghanistan
  • sled down a sand dune -- or attempted to, at least ;)
  • spent a day on the lake with my man, some friends, and a wakeboard
  • ate deep fried pickles at the Rattlesnake Saloon, which is a restaurant in a cave in Alabama
  • sang along with Committed in concert
  • played cards in the park on a sunny afternoon
  • caught up with good friends over breakfast, and left feeling so incredibly blessed
  • read a book on my balcony at The Gaylord Opryland (and enjoyed all its glory) in Nashville
  • touched the water pump where Helen Keller first learned that words have meaning
  • walked along the Ventura coast with my favorite person in the world -- my husband
You know what I am thinking?  This whole reverse list is better than the original. 

Here's to living a life that worth reflecting upon and finding it to be beautiful just the way it is!

(A 'Wednesday Files' Post)

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