Friday, August 10, 2012

American Honey (Alabama & Tennessee)

For the past three summers in a row, I have had the opportunity to travel to the good ol' South for some Southern lovin' and sweet Southern cookin'. First it was because my brother was stationed there, and this summer it was because I had a convention there. I have to say, for this born and raised Californian girl, this is a whole different world in many ways. But it is a different world that I adore.

First stop, Alabama.  The highlights?
  • Going to Ivy Green, Helen Keller's birthplace (I just realized her head is cut off in the picture up there... oh no!  Sorry Helen!!!  You are still my hero, I swear.)
  • Eating deep fried pickles at the Rattlesnake Saloon
  • Buying green tomatoes at a fruit stand by the side of the road
  • Drinking lots of sweet tea
  • Hiking through the prettiest woods this nation has seen
  • Road tripping with one of my favorites and spending time with a family that is near and dear to me
Then we drove up to Nashville...

Points to share:
  • Stayed at the Gaylord Opryland.  OH MY.  I never knew hotels like this existed unless there was a casino attached.  Which there wasn't.  Beautiful!
  • Saw Committed in concert.  I have been their biggest fans since they were on The Sing Off two years ago.
  • Took a riverboat cruise for dinner one night and let the warm air and nice breeze take any stresses far, far away.
  • Met Amy from Fearless Homemaker, one of my favorite bloggers.  I mailed her a pack of cookies for a cookie-swap last Christmas and we have been supporters of each other ever since. 
  • Ate the best pancakes on the planet at Pancake Pantry.
  • Spent times with lots of friends that I haven't seen for awhile at the convention, learned a lot, and overall came home blessed in many ways.
And the best part?  I have three fabulous Southern recipes to share with you next week.  Yes, not only did we eat, but we cooked a bit.  And you, my friends, will love them.  Promise.


  1. Gosh you are one frequent traveler! How inspiring. Every post its like your in a different place :) I love your Alabama and Nashville pictures. I also love fried pickles and can only imagine that they are much better in the South!

    1. This summer I sure am! I have friends getting married and teaching conventions to thank for that -- and I truly am grateful! Travelling while having a free place to stay is quite a wonderful thing!!!

  2. I would love to travel there~ I`m a Cali girl myself and haven`t gone down south yet!

    1. You should do it! It is very different than here, but very wonderful as well. I love California, and I love the South. They both have their special charm to them.

  3. YAY, it was so fantastic to meet you in person! So glad you had a fantastic trip! =)

  4. I've been in ca all my life and my husband is from Arkansas i Love going to visit its wondeful in the south :) cant wait to see the recipes!


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