Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nothing Comes Close to the Golden Coast

You have probably noticed a serious lack of cooking going on here.  I have said it before, and I will say it again -- I am too busy living this summer to be cooking.  Which on one hand makes me very, very sad.  Because I love cooking.  But on the other hand? 

Well, when you have views like these you have no desire to be in the kitchen!

Ventura Wharf

The Courthouse in Santa Barbara

We took some time out of our already jam-packed summer schedule to squeeze in a road trip, just the two of us.  No convention to sit through, no bridesmaid dress to pack.  Just us, the open road, and a cooler full of food.

Our first stop was Ventura, a town on the coast about an hour (or so) north of Hollywood.  We walked and enjoyed the palm-lined paths next to the ocean, he enjoyed some surfing, and I enjoyed my chips and book. 

Next stop?  Santa Barbara.

This has always been, hands down, one of my favorite California cities.  It has beautiful Spanish architecture and a nice sea breeze mixed with good eats and great shopping.  If you want a romantic get-away, this is the place to go.

A door full of engravings of California's founders, along with some Catholic saints.  California was officially established (other than the Native Americans already here, of course) by Catholic missionaries.

The Mural Room

Lighting inside the courthouse

Spiral stairs.

Outside the courthouse, which is free to visit and you can wander around freely

State Street, Santa Barbara's famous downtown area

A little alley way off of State Street

Sunset over the city, view from the pier
The next day found us running around on the Pismo Dunes.  We didn't get a buggy or anything, but we still had a lot of fun.

And finally, we spent a day at a lake, soaking up the sun and wakeboarding.

The peaceful drive out there

Ahh... life at its best.
 What a PERFECT getaway.  We didn't go very far, but we had a blast.  Sometimes what you need is right in your own backyard.

And now I leave you to head to the kitchen.  Brownies?  Yum.  S'mores?  Yum again.  Let's see what happens when those two ideas are combined!

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  1. Yes, I too would be anywhere BUT the kitchen if I had those views. Stunning. Good for you two to get out, just yourselves. Great pics. I love the one of the footprints in the dunes!

  2. I agree, nothing comes close to SoCal.. but then, I may be biased ;) your photos of Santa Barbara are beautiful!

  3. Living by the water is so nice, isn't it?! I hope to one day make it to this coast one day. I love how you can go from the beach to sand dunes! Here, it's either the beach or the swamps! HA.

  4. Glad you`re enjoying summer! I hardly have time to go to many places, which makes me sad! LOL Santa Barbara looks beautiful! It`s about 3-4hrs away from where I live, but I have yet to visit!


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