Sunday, August 5, 2012

S'mores Brownies -- It's like camping in your living room

Camping.  It's one of my favorite things.

And I'm not talking about staying in an RV.  That's not camping.  That's taking a mini version of your house and parking it in the woods. 

Nor am I talking about packing all you need in a pack on your back and trekking out miles and miles, no bathrooms nor showers in sight.  That's not camping, either.  That's roughing it.

What I am talking about is a tent, some lanterns, a fire surrounded by friends who hopefully play the guitar, and some marshmallows on a stick.

That's camping.

Sometimes, however, I don't get to do this activity that I love so much.  Actually, the older I get the less opportunities I have.  What used to be a several-times a year thing is now a once-a-year situation.  What's a girl to do when you really want the feel of camping and you just can't have it?!

She makes s'mores brownies, that's what she does.

Luckilyy for me, Joy the Baker figured this one out.  S'mores, in the form of brownies, that come out of your oven.


So, if you are craving some camping time and cannot fit it in, have no fear.  Just pick up a copy of Joy's book or visit her blog to see how to make this happen in your living room.  I have to admit, I was a slightly tempted to roll out my sleeping bag, light up the lantern, and sing a little kum-ba-ya...

To find this recipe, visit Joy's blog HERE.  Or, better yet, buy the book HERE.

To see more versions of this recipe by my fabulous friends who are a part of Sundays with Joy, visit Bakeaholic Mama HERE.

 COST: $9.77    COST PER BROWNIE (12- large): $0.82


  1. Already mentioned this on facebook, but gorgeous photos!

  2. I've been wanting to make these for ages! :) they look super

  3. Beautiful as always, Tiff! You're making me crave another pan full! :)

  4. YUM!
    And great photos as always :)
    XO - Marion

  5. YUM! Can you believe I've never had actual s'mores? For now, I think the brownies will do :)

  6. I just got back from out of town and saw all these lovely commments... thanks, ladies! And Ana, yeah... you need to get some camping and REAL camping going on in your life! Only then will I consider you an American girl ;)

  7. Joy does know what she`s doing! ♥ & my gosh, this look excellent!

  8. These look phenomenal! I am on a smores kick right now, going to have to try these!


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