Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Wednesday Files

You know, I have been sharing a lot of food posts recently.  Which makes total sense seeing as this a food blog after all.  But sometimes I want to share something else.  Like pictures.  Or memories.  Definitely random thoughts that I have, as they float through my head often.  And so I am starting The Wednesday Files. 

This is where I will dump all my non-food stuff, and let's face it -- food stuff as well.  What can I say?  I like food!  For awhile I was doing the What I Love Wednesdays and I really enjoyed that, so you will probably see some of that thrown in for good measure.  The difference is it will not be only that, but really whatever I want it to be. 

BBQ - It Does a Heart Good
This past weekend found my husband flexing his super cooking muscles.  While I am (becoming) a master of the kitchen, he is a master of the grill.  Every time (like every time) some of our friends has a reason to barbecue or party we are invited -- and so is our little mini-grill.  ($25 bucks at Target, yo.  Two years and a little bit of rust later and it is still serving us well.)

Yay for friends M & C being pregnant and giving us a reason to celebrate!

Mother's Day
Mother's Day has come and gone, and there really isn't that much to say about it when your mom is no longer around and you are not a mom yet.  It has been 10 years since I have had a mom to celebrate on Mother's Day.  It doesn't make me sad like it once did, but it doesn't seem like that much more of a day than the rest.  However, I do stop and reflect on my mom and her hugs and brownies.  There were a lot of things she didn't know how to cook, but she could make some mean brownies.  And her hugs and kisses were the best.  I hope my future kids will one day look back at their time with me and be able to say the same thing about my affection toward them.

Food So Good...
that it disappeared. 

I made a variation of these last night:

but then they tasted so good we didn't stop to take pictures.  They were gone in a flash... I guess I will just have to do it again to share with you ;)

Full House
We have been blessed with a lot of guests recently.  First was my friend Caiti, whom I love immensely.  She was just there for a night, but we cooked, enjoyed each others' company, and wished we, too, had the ability to dance while watching the new Footloose.

That would be Caiti on the far right with me next to her.  Yes, we have different clothes. 
But we were living in a different place.  I think this might possibly the most current picture
I have of us... six years old.  I think that is because when we spend time together we
are too busy chatting to take pictures.  Something to fix! (Kosrae, 2006)
Then we had Rachel and Jon come for an evening.  College friends who have become life friends.  Actually, Rachel and I went to highschool together for one year, but we became actual friends in college.  And Jon and I went through college -- and the education department -- beginning to end together.  The three of us are all teachers and share lots of classes and memories throughout our years.

And right now we have Julia and her husband Toby visiting us all the way from Austria!  Yes, we have gone international, folks.  Julia and I were together in the Marshall Islands for a school year and we haven't seen each other since.  How fun it is to see how life has happened between then and now!  (Then = both single, free-floating through the world.  Now = married, jobs, roots.  Different phases, both good.)

Julia (on the far left) and the rest of us ladies getting to be/pretending to be American again for a weekend while
living in Ebeye.  We have Austria, Burma, the Philippines, and the US represented here.  (Kwajalein, 2007)

Carpe Diem

Met my man after work on a recent Friday, fancy-pants on and make-up looking great.  "Ready to go on a date, Babe?" I asked, knowing full well that he was really ready to come home and zone out after a long week in the office.  "Um, ok.  That sounds good," he mustered.  "But why?"  "Carpe diem, my love, carpe diem."  And so we went.  That day was seized and it was great.  I love being married to this man!


  1. <3 <3
    That picture of your mom is so great. :) You guys look exactly alike! Amazing! (Luckily, we're in a generation ahead of our mothers, with better hair. Every picture of me and my sister with my mom and my aunts involves hair like that.)

    My conclusion from your post is that family is what you make of it, and it sounds like you and Mr. P. are making the most of things and surrounding yourself with lots of good people (and food, of course!). :)

    1. I love the conclusion you came to because, yes, that is what I believe!

      As for the hair, I used to want hair like hers. It was so COOL. And then the late eighties were oven and I thanked my lucky stars that I was a product of the 80's and not a experiencer of the 80's ;)

  2. I love having house guests! That picture of you and your mother is so lovely. I was that blonde when I was a kid. Unfortunately, unlike yours, mine has turned darker since. I'm going to use 'carpe diem' on my guy next time he wants to come hone and just veg out!

    1. Do the Carpe Diem thing! Sometimes we live life so planned, like, "Let's go on a date on Thursday." Sometimes it is fun to live life unplanned!

  3. I know it will still be about food anyways...I am not complaining, you know how I need to include food in anything and everything. Gee! I love this Wednesday files idea...Looking forward to next week's

    1. Hahaha! Yeah, probably! What can I say? Some people eat to live while others live to eat. I definitely fall into the latter category ;)


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