Friday, May 11, 2012

Avocado Pizza

Like you, I have fallen in love with Pinterest.  (Like how I just assumed you do?  Well, if you are reading this you probably are a fan of sharing things via the web, which makes me assume you like Pinterest.)  If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon, you really should.  Why?  Because I find great ideas there.  Like this one.  Avocado Pizza.

It's not really a pizza in the traditional sense, but it has all the same elements.  Bread base (pocketless pita bread), sauce (avocados mixed with lemon and salt), and toppings (an egg, sunny-side up).  But it has one thing pizza doesn't have -- a five minute time period, start to finish.

Four easy steps --
1) heat the pita bread on both sides
2) spread 1/2 of an avocado mashed with lemon juice and salt
3) put a fried egg on top
4) eat

Pretty simple, huh?  A pretty tasty, too.  This is my third one this week, if that is saying anything.

You have a weekend to enjoy, and so do I, so I will stop talking about this and just tell you to do it.  You will be coming back to thank me, I am pretty sure.  And then I will be thanking the makers of Pinterest for allowing us to be flooded with such great ideas, all day long ;)

Cost per Pizza: $1.01


  1. Now, this I have to try! Looks interesting - I think I'd like to throw some alfalfa sprouts and sliced tomato on there too :)

    1. Sounds like amazing additions! Almost like my grilled cheese. Thanks for the idea, friend!

  2. Holy cow...this looks seriously good!

  3. Wow! Somebody knows how to get their avocado on.


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