Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Brazilian Invasion (Wednesday Files)

Beans are on the stove cooking right now.  The smell is good... very good.  And it always makes me feel a little more in touch with the Brazilian side of our life.  Because when beans come, so does the rice, the salada, the Portuguese.

I was just scrolling through some pictures from this summer... not the ones from my crazy 24 day whirlwind on the East Coast, but from the other whirlwind that came through: The Brazilian Invasion.

Not only did we have seven people live with us this summer for a whole month (people as in family and friends), but we embarked on a ten-day road trip with them all.  Two cars, fifteen hundred miles, plenty of pit stops.  Pismo Beach, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles... with a visit to Mickey in there, of course.  Too bad I forgot my camera that day.

Venice Beach is always interesting, and this time proved to be no different.

Hollywood?  The stars are still there in the sidewalk, right where I left them last time I visited.  But San Diego?  San Diego always impresses me.

Of course, our favorite moments were not caught on film.  Unexpected street fairs.  Finding ice cream in unlikely places, like the Los Angeles Union Station.  A good game of soccer in the middle of a parking lot while we wait for traffic to subside...

But some great things were captured.  Like this shot.  I guess this shows how kids really feel about Las Vegas ;)

Apparently, though, it wasn't all bad, as we can see below.  And the car ride?  Not so bad either.  Lots of singing, plenty of jokes, some napping... not a single DVD or iPad in sight.  For hours upon hours.  Because when the Brazilians invade, they make the most of it.  And I am grateful to have been along for the ride.

(A 'Wednesday Files' post)

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Especially of the kids in Las Vegas:)


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