Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Little Glimpse...

... of why I have NOT been in my kitchen.
Hiking the part of the Appalachian Trail
Enjoying a night at the ball park
Exploring Providence, Rhode Island
"Movies on the Block"

Chillin' with the Pilgrims at Plymouth Plantation

Seeing one of my best friends get married -- in Denver

Walking through Times Square

Picnic in Central Park

Walking the Freedom Trail in Boston
So, I guess you get it now.  I will return at some point, I promise.  Until then, VIVA SUMMER!

What are YOU up to this summer???


  1. It seems like a busy summer! And that ball park picture is AMAZING!!!

    1. Oh, Ana, it is! Mas tude eh bom, entao... sem problemas! Busy can be fun, right? :)

    2. Busy = fun. You guys have to take a trip up here and then we can make some churrasco ;)

  2. I`m jealous you are traveling!! :P Looks like you had a blast in those places!


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