Monday, September 26, 2011

Watch out, FoodGawker. Here I come!

There is a whole foodie world out there I am just discovering.  I started this little blog not even knowing the places it would take me to.  Specifically, I did not know all of the other cooks (or like me, wanna-be-cooks) out there that I would "meet" and learn from. 

I also didn't know how much the internet world is set up for people like me: people who cook, take pictures of it, and write about it.  There is a huge supply of places to visit on the web if this is what you do.  HUGE.  The one I was introduced to via another blog is FoodGawker.  FoodGawker, like Taste Spotter, is a place for all the pretty food to live.  You can submit a picture to them and if it is just right they will accept it.  But if there is anything not appealing to the eye -- anything not making it to be a great picture -- they will just say no.  I had seen/heard about it before, but as much as I know I am a pretty good photographer for most things, my food photography is definitely lacking.  I know that and that fact doesn't bother me.  It is what it is.  Hence, I had never submitted something to FoodGawker.

Until now. 

Earlier this week I just tried.  I sent them a picture.  Guess what?  They liked it!  

Shoot, I thought, this is easy.  Yeah, yeah, hold your horses, Tiffany.

See, the thing is, they are picky.  Really picky.  Every time you submit a picture they actually look at it and see if it measures up.  And if it doesn't, SLAM, you're out.

Let's just say that I have experienced FoodGawker's door slamming on my face several times now.  First time's a charm, right?

But I like that.  For one, I know that if I get a picture on FoodGawker, it is a GREAT picture.  And two, they always tell you why it didn't measure up.  "Composition too tight" or "Under exposed".  This is real feedback I can use.  These descriptions of my flaws point out exactly where I am weak and need to improve.  As I mentioned above, I know my food photography is lacking, but it doesn't mean I want to keep it that way.  It is a process, it takes time, and I am willing to do the work to get it to where I want it to be.

So, for now, I am proud that I have one picture on FoodGawker.  It is only one, but it is a beginning.  No, let me rephrase that... it is the beginning, the beginning of better things to come. 

FoodGawker, you better watch out.  Tiffany is coming your way!

my foodgawker gallery


  1. Foodgawker has proved very difficult to crack for me! Congrats on getting your 1st one approved, hopefully you get many more!


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