Friday, September 16, 2011

"Favim Box People" -- Say What?

Every once in awhile I click on "Traffic Sources" on the stats page so I can get an idea of where my visitors are coming from.  Most come from Facebook (Yay, Friends!) or Foodbuzz (which makes a ton of sense as they sponsor my blog), sometimes they are sent here from other blogs, but once in awhile they wind up on my page from random Google searches.  Today I saw one that said: Google Search -- favim box people.  Huh?!  What the heck are favim box people???  And why did the people searching for that, whatever it is, wind up here? 

Of course, I couldn't just leave it alone.  I moved my little courser to the Bing tab at the top of my browser and typed it in: favim box people , clicked on the images tab, and the first picture I got was this:

I know it is just boxes put together, but man, that cardboard sure is adorable!  So now I get the picture of what these "favim box people" are, but I still have no idea why they were referred to my blog!  (Anyway, searchers of the box people, you are more than welcome here.)  I then figured out the actual search was for "box people" and favim was just some photo uploading sight.  When I adjusted my search and typed in just box people I stumbled across several other images that were just too cute to pass up. 

Apparently there is a whole world out there of these sweet little cardboard people being made out of Amazon boxes.  It does seem to be a rather odd hobby, but you know what?  I like it.  To look at anyway.  But you never know, you might see some little cardboard men in my pictures someday soon ;)


  1. I love these box people! They are so very quaint the quintessential pick-me-up. Even the sad box people make me smile!

    I love too looking at the traffic sources - I get some bizarre searches like "auntie boobs on the floor" and while I now have a mental image burned into my mind that I don't need, I also have no idea how they would have landed on my blog from that search. Now I hope I find something half as cool as box people when I go through the traffic sources. I'll be on the look out ;)

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  3. LOL. I know what those are! It`s called Danbo. It comes from a Japanese manga/Japanese animation!

    Here`s the facebook page:

    I use to collect pictures of Danbo because I thought he was just too cute!

    Here are some pictures if you`re bored of Danbo. Super cute!

    1. FINALLY! You are the first person to explain them to me. I still just call them "box people" ;)


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