Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Wednesday Files

The anatomy of a summer vacation, according to Facebook status updates:

It's done. Awards are all passed out, desks are cleaned, and a few tears were shed. Now that that's over... Summer 2012, show me what you've got!

Oh, there's nothing sweeter than summer time and American honey... ♫

I can't decide if letting my hair go curly makes me feel like a bum or a free spirit. I think I choose the latter.

Music and smells are the two things that will instantly take me back to a specific moment in time, all the emotions attached. Love it!

Just pulled off the size-sticker on a new pair of jeans and remembered how I forgot to do that way back on the very first day of highschool... yay for Cal the Bus Driver who let me know before anybody else saw!!!

I enjoyed a little NPR today. I feel all grown up-like.

The blessing of getting into food photography: always have something yummy in the house.
The curse of getting into food photography: having to tell your husband that, no, he cannot eat that mint ice cream pie yet because you need to take pictures and the lighting is all wrong and he just needs to wait until tomorrow...

I thank God for my life, for the Stars and Stripes, may freedom forever fly, let it ring! Salute the ones who died, the ones who give their life, so we don't have to sacrifice all the things we love... like our chicken fried. ~Zac Brown Band

"Popsicles" that won't freeze, butterfingers that dropped flour ALL OVER my just-cleaned kitchen, and relying on eHow to replace sour cream in a recipe and having it come out much softer than I expected... I feel like Tiffany circa 2007.

Just ate a homemade Fudgesicle and realized that I will never buy a boxed one again.

Got a little lost, had to ask someone for directions to the nearest post office, wound up in a section of town I had never visited before... 

Let's try that again -- Got off the beaten path, had a pleasant conversation with a stranger when I asked for directions to the nearest post office, found the most beautiful little neighborhood in Downtown and discovered the house I would someday (hahaha) like to live in. 

And THAT is why I do not have a smart phone. Yes, I maybe living in the "dark ages", but I rather like having to depend on my brain and the human-connection to get me through the day. Call me weird, but I like it...

Five years ago I was sitting on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Brazilian coastline with this good looking man. He told me he liked me a lot and would like to date me. I said, "I like that idea." He then said, "I want to date you, and then someday I want to marry you." And I said, "I like that idea, too." Best five years of my life so far! Can't wait to see where we are at five years from now...♥

Last week, Paulo actually said, "It's good!" in reference to peanut butter. Then today, when asked if he wants beans and rice for dinner, he said, "No, I have had it four days in a row, I am getting sick of it." My Brazilian man is becoming American!

We've come to a sad place when children are not safe in school and families cannot enjoy an evening out at the movies. My heart just breaks.

Spent last night catching up with my favorite veteran (first time since his homecoming from Afghanistan) and this morning I watched one of my kiddos from Ebeye graduate from the Junior Statesmen of America program at Stanford. Lots of pride and love in my heart right now.

I am pretty good at following rules, except for that one on the back of the Betty Crocker box that says, "Do not eat raw brownie batter!" I fail at that one every time.

I just heard the results of a survey say that the most unappreciated profession in our country is teaching. Although I find this to be INCREDIBLY sad, oh well. I see it in my kids' faces and feel it in their hugs. We teachers are appreciated by those who matter.

Visited Helen Keller's birthplace this morning, ate lunch a joint called Rattlesnake Saloon, and then hiked through the prettiest woods I have ever seen on this continent. Must be in Alabama!

Just arrived home -- the last time I have to say that this summer. Going to finally unpack my duffel bag. Nine trips in eight weeks? I am ready to live at home with my man again!
Craving some sweet tea and listening to the Zac Brown Band. The South has a way of wedging its way into my being everytime I am down there...
I cannot function because the smells coming from the oven are so amazing that it is the only thing I can think of. If it tastes anything like it smells, holy cow, I think I've hit gold!
New Ikea computer tables instead of bulky ones, curtains up and industrial blinds down, and some nice lamp lighting to balance out those fluorescents... I am going all Trading Spaces in the classroom this year! Looks like a living room, made for children.
Teacher, Miss(ah), Miss A, Mrs. D... my name may have changed several times over the years, I am still the same, doing what I love. 
New School Year, let's do this!


  1. What a summer you`ve had!!! :)

    And yes, I always remember my favorite teachers. Teachers have so much influence, I wish more teachers were like you!


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