Monday, September 3, 2012

Apple Pie Crostatas (Sundays with Joy)

My kitchen and I have a love/hate relationship as of late.  Really, it is quite simple --

I hate that I spilled rice all over the floor.  All over.  I hate even more that I did it twice.  I am still finding little rice kernels here and there, even though I have swept at least 18 times...

On the other hand, I love that I made, for the first time in our marriage -- and my life -- perfect Brazilian rice.  Each little piece completely separate, no piece stuck to another one...

Or, for example, I hate that I tried to make cheez-its from scratch and I totally failed.  Instead nice little cheesy squares, I got one huge cracker that was waaaaaaaay too salty.

It is in the trash right now as we speak.

But I love that I was able to make this week's 'Joy recipe', apple pie crostatas. I made them and they turned out perfectly.

Yup, I love that.

Honestly, I was terrified about this recipe.  It seems that every time I tried to do dough from scratch I botch it up.  [See Cheez-it reference above.]  And the pressure was on, because I had no choice but to make this recipe.  It was up for this week, and when I committed to this cook-every-recipe-in-the-book thing, I committed to it.  So, I made the dough.

And you know what?  It turned out superbly!

Apple pie crostatas... another way of saying hand held apple pies.  Who wouldn't want that?!

So right now, my kitchen and I are on happy terms.  And it shall remain that way, until I step in some more rice kernels.

Since we (the 'Sundays with Joy' group) are going through the entire cookbook from Joy the Baker, we are not sharing the recipes online unless we adapted them (which I did not for this recipe) to keep the entire book from living online.  That is up to Joy to decide if she wants to do that... buuuuuut if you would like to make something similar, visit Joy's blog to see the recipe for Apricot Crostatas.  And she gives you a step by step visual guide.  Perfect!

If you would like to get Joy's book and join us as we bake our way through it, you can get it here.

Happy baking!


  1. Your crostatas turned out beautifully! So gorgeous and equally delicious I'm sure.

  2. AMAZING. I'm so happy you did this! They look so gorgeous :)

  3. SO glad you made them! See, pie crust is not that hard!! They look fabulous.

  4. Yum! those are my favorite things to make when I have extra apples lying around. Aren't they so perfect for those mid afternoon snacks? :)

    Love & Whimsy

  5. I'm so glad you faced the pie dough... and CONQUERED it big time!

  6. Thank you all! I am glad I did it, too. I would have continued living in fear otherwise...

  7. I need to conquer my fear of making pie crusts now!! & I know, baking disasters always make me sad too. But success makes you so much happier afterwards! aha ♥ I`m loving this!

  8. Congrats on the dessert! It looks so yummy.

    So you know, the word to describe perfectly separated rice is "soltinho". :) So congrats on your arroz soltinho!

    1. I needed to know that word, so thank you! I am quite proud of myself -- maybe more for the arroz soltinho than I am for the pie. This was a long time coming...

  9. Your crostatas look delicious! And congrats on your arroz soltinho haha! That's awesome. That's quite hard to get there, if you ask me. Some people go through life eating arroz "unidos venceremos" (a funny phrase for arroz that's stuck together).


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