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ME: born and raised in California...taker of pictures, cooker of food, lover of all things LIFE

MY MAN: born and raised in Brazil... doer of anything active, speaker of two languages, pretty much the most amazing person I know

OUR FOOD: a handful of Brazil tossed into this American world we live in, just like our life

I have discovered it doesn't matter if I am making a casserole or some feijao e arroz; something else American or some other Brazilian dish... they may be different, but they all taste a little better with a clove of garlic and a pinch of salt

Maybe they aren't that different after all...

THIS BLOG: originally a place to just record my journey of learning how to cook, presently a place to connect with others -- like YOU!

A little bit more about me...
  • Born and raised in the Golden State.  California owns my heart.
  • Lived off and on in Palau and the rest of Micronesia throughout college.  Yeah, you probably don't know where that is... it's OK, most people don't.
  • I talk.  A lot.  And I really have no plan of changing that anytime soon.
  • Red-painted toes are happy toes.
  • I spend my days loving on third and fourth graders, and they spend their days filling my heart with more love to give.
And for my food...
  • I grew up eating Kraft Mac n' Cheese, Rica-a-Roni, and TV dinners.  And lots and lots of cookies.
  • At some point I decided I needed to make a change, and so I bought  Rachael Ray Everyday.  It lived on my shelf next to the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook until one day I started using them... that's when this blog was born.
  • Today we eat mostly homemade food, buy very little that comes pre-made, and I like to buy veggies in all shapes and colors.
  • Preservative free and artificial flavoring/colors free is the way to go in our house, so Trader Joe's is one of my best friends.
  • I am still learning to like fruit.


Email: tiffanytastes@outlook.com

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