Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Wednesday Files (Ain't no Corinthianos in this casa!)

As you know, soccer is a big deal in Brazil.  A BIG deal.  Like, my husband wouldn't buy a certain cellphone because that brand sponsored his team's rival.


And it isn't just my man.  Talk to any Brazilian who follows futebol (wait -- are there any that don't?!) and you feel the intensity they have for the game.  My last roommate (also Brazilian) warned me one day that if my then-boyfriend-now-husband would ever be asked to choose between me and soccer, he would pick soccer.  She was dead serious.

What can I say?  Brazilians are passionate about everything.  Why would their favorite past time be any different?

And so the battle began...

We invited some friends (also-Brazilian) over for dinner.  They came bearing gifts: drinks, cookies, and this lovely cake (which is -- WOW -- our favorite dessert.  Lucky for you I have the recipe HERE).  But there was one more 'gift' present that night: A Corinthians shirt.

Let's back up 2007.  I was in Brazil for the very first time, exploring the country of beauty and love with a hot man by my side, when I was welcomed into the family.  It went something like this --

"If any body asks you what the best team is, the answer is ALWAYS São Paulo.  Got it?"
"And if anybody asks you the worst team, the answer is ALWAYS Corinthians. São Paulo, good.  Corinthians, bad."

"Yeah, sure..."
"No no no!  Not just sure!  You have to really mean it!  Try it with me."

And so we practiced.  It became one of the first conversations I could carry on in Portuguese.

Back to present day... (this is starting to feel a bit like LOST, isn't it?)
This dude walks into our house wearing a Corinthians shirt...

It's a good thing he brought cake.

When the time came to take a picture for proof of our get-together, my husband jumped up, ran into the other room, and came back waving a yellow shirt in his hand.  "You cannot take a picture in my house with that shirt on.  Here!"  In his defense, he did not ask our friend to put a São Paulo shirt on, just show a little Brazilian pride.  But the fact remains, a Corinthians shirt was in our house, and he was having none of that.

It took a little coaxing, and some sneakiness, but after several tries we finally got the picture the way it is supposed to be -- no promotion of the "other" team, happy smiles on most faces.

Poor Rodrigo.

Now, everybody, repeat after me: "São Paulo, GOOD!  Corinthians, BAD!"

Alright, you are free to come visit us :)


  1. hahaha.... I'm not surprised! Corithians aren't known for being the most well behaved fans... my husband once had a bus load of Corithians supporters throw full cans of beer at him out the window (he was wearing a Brazil shirt - they thought he was a Palmeiras fan...) In saying that, two of our close friends are Corithians supporters, so I have to be nice!
    Also - that cake looks amazing, and pretty easy to make, too! Going to add it to my list of things-I-need-to-cook :)

    1. We have family that are Corinthianos, so imagine the self-control my husband must have ;)

      DO IT! It is one of our favorite desserts. I love all things Prestigio!!!

  2. Tell your husband that all of those are bad! The good one is FLUMINENSE, that is, btw, the leader of the national championship ;-)

    My husband would never ask to choose between him and my team. As i'd never get in the way of him and his beloved Packers. We take futebol very seriously!

    And also, you know that you're supposed to say you "are" Sao Paulo, right?! Your team is something that you are, you don't only root for them. Its almost like a religion!

    1. HA! Let's just unite on our Packers love, OK? ;)

      I think it IS a religion to many people!

      Paulo says, "Sou Sao Paulo", and I say, "I am brainwashed." Hahaha!

    2. hahaha He brainwashed me with his love for the Packers and I brainwashed him with Fluminense. Usually, on Sundays, we have football on tv and soccer on the laptop! That's how OBSESSED we are.

    3. You guys are more hardcore than us. We check scores. And sometimes watch games. Now if it is a surfing competition, that is another story!

  3. hahaha yes, Ana is right. When my Portuguese was still basic and just basically Spanish, I was practicing the verbs "ser" and "estar" and Alexandre taught me to say "Sou Corintiana." Also one of the first things I had to learn in Portuguese! (As you can see, he disagrees with your husband. ;)

    1. Uh-oh, not sure we can be friends anymore. Unless you bring us cake. Cake heals all wounds ;)

  4. People are SO passionate about their soccer here! During major games we don't sleep due to the firework ruckus in our neighborhood... and OF COURSE, the first question all of my students asked when I started teaching was "Who do you cheer for?!" To this day, I have not given them an answer ;)

  5. Wait until world cup in 2 years. WOW. It will be CRAZY TOWN!


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