Sunday, September 16, 2012

Main-Bait Apple Crisp (Sundays with Joy)

Fall is good for many reasons.  Scarves, Thanksgiving, pumpkin-flavored-everything.  And apples.  Oh yes, it is time for apples!

Not only do I have an apple recipe for you all, but I have a good news for you ladies looking for that special man in your life... main bait apple crisp.

What does apple crisp have to do with catching a man, you ask?  Well, according to Joy the Baker, this will have the men crawling to your door.  I am no man, but shoot, apple crisp?  Apples, sugar, and cinnamon topped with streusel?  Um, yes please.

Apple crisp is the perfect Fall treat.  It is easy, has baked apples (my favorite way to eat them), and makes the whole house smell good.  Really, what's not to love?  Yeah... 

Since this dish is super-American feeling to me, I invited my Brazilian friend Dani and her little boy over to help make and eat it so they could start off Fall in America the right way.  Good thing I did, because it proved Joy correct:

Man-bait.  It works :)

For the recipe, visit Joy's blog HERE or buy the book so you too can enjoy all of her great recipes!

COST: $8.33   COST Per serving (10): $0.84


  1. sooo yummy!!! I'm so excited for Fall, cant wait! I have been doing some Fall crafts already 'cause I can't wait for this summer to end so I can bake fall recipes like apples, everything with apples is delicious, I juice them everyday but baking is even more yummy ;)

  2. LOL. So cute! I`m excited for fall baking with apples as well! I only like apples in desserts! :) This is definitely a crisp I want to try!


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