Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brazilian Cooking with Daniela: Prestigio Cake (Recipe)


3 eggs
1 ½ c. sugar
1 c. Nestquik
½ c. oil
½ teaspoon of salt

Use mixer until well blended. 
Add 2 c. flour & 1 c. hot water.  Mix again.
Add 1 t heaping baking powder and stir together, but not with the mixer.
Bake for 35min on 380F in greased pan.

Meanwhile, start the coconut cream for the middle.


Mix 1 can of condensed milkwith 1 cup of coconut shavings.  Stir over medium heat until well cooked, but be careful not to burn.  (5 minutes, I think.)  Remove from heat and mix with , 1 can of “crème de leite” which you can find in the Mexican section of the grocery store called “Nestle Media Crema”.  Put in freezer to cool it down.

When cake is done and cooled, cut in half using a large knife, creating something like a hamburger bun out of the cake.  With the middles facing up, pour 1 can of Guarana or Sprite (Guarana is a type of Brazilian soda) onto the cake, about 2/3 on the part that will be the bottom, 1/3 on the side that will be the top.

Carefully spread the coconut mixture on the bottom half of the cake.  Be careful to spread from the center going out to the edge to avoid the edges crumbling inward.  Very, very carefully add the top half back onto the bottom part of the cake.

Frost the cake.


1t butter
1T sugar
Heat and stir until melted and mixed.

Add 6 c. of Nesquik.  Stir until evenly blended – will be dry.
Add 2/3 can of crème de leite (see above).  Stir until well mixed. 

Sprinkle coconut shavings on top, and be prepared to be blown away!


  1. Very good! You learned very well!! Just one thing...in the coconut cream you can't put the "creme de leite" togheter in the pan...just when the cream is ready, in the end. Xoxo

  2. TIFFANY said...
    Thanks Danny! I fixed it :)

    Eftychia, it IS delicious! You should try it!

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