Wednesday, November 13, 2013

An Instagram Scavenger Hunt Birthday

Every year, when my husband's birthday rolls around, I rack my brain for the perfect activity to do.  He's not a kid (obviously) but I like fun.  And what better time to have fun than on birthdays?

I am kind of over the go-out-to-eat every single year thing (although sometimes that is what we do), and I want to make it something that is very affordable (so all can participate) and family friendly (since many of our friends have kids).

My two favorite so far have been glow-in-the-dark Ultimate Frisbee (30th) and now this year: an Instagram Scavenger Hunt!

(Yes, they are holding a frozen chicken right there. Frozen Chicken was not on the list.  
But bird was, and this totally counts.)

Throughout my life, I have done participated in different variations of photo-scavenger hunts: Polaroids in my younger years, digital pictures uploaded to a computer while in college and after, and then this summer in NYC I met up with a friend who created the perfect blend of modern technology with this kind of activity: Instagram-Scavenger Hunt!  (Nice one, Deanne!)

(Surf.  I was picturing waves, they found laundry detergent. HAHAHA!)

If you have never participated in a photo scavenger hunt of any kind, it is super easy and TONS of fun.  
  1. Create a list of things to find.  They can be specific ("A Stop Sign") or open-ended ("Winter").  I put about 20 things on the list to give it good variety.  And for some reason, every single time I have a police officer on there.  I think it is an added challenge... unless you are like the little girl below ;)  (I also include things like "With a family you have never seen before" or "With a Trader Joe's employee". Any time you have strangers participate it makes it much more exciting.)
  2. Get enough people together to have a few teams, but don't count yourself -- somebody needs to monitor the pictures.
  3. Set the guidelines: Where do you meet?  What time do you need to come back together? (We did an hour and a half for this one -- and met up at In-n-Out.  WIN!)  Do you get bonus points if all of the people are in the picture and it is not a selfie (meaning someone else had to take the picture)?  
  4. Get together, make sure the leader is following all of the Instagram accounts (and help create ones for groups that don't have anybody on Instagram), and then send them off!  One point for each item on the list found, bonus points for any of the whole group or whatever you decide, and ta-da!  Insta-party!

If you haven't had the chance to participate in one of these scavenger hunts, stop what you are doing and go organize one RIGHT NOW.  The cost is low, just any party favors you have for props -- such as these glasses and party hats, while the amount of fun is high.  From four year-olds to 44 year-olds, we had a fabulous time, filled with laughter and celebration.  So, GO, do it!!!

What are your fabulous ideas for birthday parties???

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  1. “The cost is low, just any party favors you have for props -- such as these glasses and party hats, while the amount of fun is high.” - Hah! Ain't this the best reason scavenger hunt is a favorite in every birthday party? It's fun, it's interactive, it's challenging, and of course, fulfilling. I can see you all had a great time.
    Rosalinda @ Riddle Me


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