Saturday, March 30, 2013

Farmer's Market Finds

Seven dollars.

One bunch of kale, purple spring onions, a mix-and-match bag of tomatoes, three little red potatoes, a bunch of large carrots, two onions, and a lemon...

Take that, Safeway.


  1. I love this! We spent $10 last weekend on kale, a bunch of carrots, tomatoes and lettuce. It's a little more expensive than yours, but still... pretty good. Plus we get to support the local farms and eat organic food without going bankrupt!

    1. Exactly! And our is so cheap because we live in a small town (35,000) NOT connected to other towns, surrounded by farms. When we lived in Mountain View it was much pricier than here. More stalls, but higher prices. Still worth it, though.


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