Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sweet Find: Coconut Water with Dark Chocolate

I think I have found the drink of all drinks:
Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water with Dark Chocolate.

(Whew -- that was quite a mouthful!)


Have you ever had coconut water?  I mean, the real stuff, like cut-the-top-off-of-the-coconut-and-stick-a-straw-into-it coconut water?  It tastes nothing like you would expect.  When I think of coconuts, I think of the stuff that comes in the candy bars.  Sweet.  But that is not what coconut water tastes like.  The first time I tried it I hated it.  Hated it.  But over time it grew on me and now I am a fan.  And my body is a fan, too.  Coconut water is so incredibly healthy, filled with all kinds of electrolytes your body needs.  But alas, I do not have any coconut trees in my neighborhood (sigh...) so I must stick to the packaged stuff.  Which is good, too.  But now I found something great...

Coconut water with dark chocolate!  YESSSS!  So maybe there is some sugar thrown in there.  Whatever.  I like sugar.  This stuff is amazing.  I am sure you can find it in many places, but of course I will promote my favorite:  it is a buck-99 at your local Trader Joe's.  Yup, less than the cost of chocolate milk in most places.  Sure is better for me than those Starbuck's-fraps-in-the-jars that I love (the taste of, if not the ingredients). 


I think I have found my happy drink.  Move over Ovaltine and Silk.


  1. hey girl! thanks so much for stopping by my blog! i'm LOVING yours! this post is great. i lived in singapore for a little bit and while i was there we drank coconut water {straight out of the coconut with a straw} and i loved it! so i totally want to try this stuff! i can only imagine how good it must taste with chocolate!

    1. It is HEAVENLY! I am telling you, you will love it. Pinky promise.

  2. I think I may have given up on it too soon.I honestly didn't care for it, but neither did I understand how good it could be for me. This is my first visit to your blog, so I took some time to browse throughyour earlier posts. I'm so glad I did that.I really like the food and recipes you feature here and I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. Yum sounds really good Tiffany! Always looking for new drinks, so glad you posted!


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