Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I've Got a Love-el-y Bunch of Coconuts (a deedly-dee)

See that blond over there on the right?  Yup, that's me.  A lot younger me, but still me. (Just to give you an idea, that little girl under my arm?  She is in the middle of her first year of college.  So yes, a much much younger me!)  There I am, with my Swedish friend, a South African teenager, and two little Palauans... and of course, a coconut.

Which is what this post is all about.

Last Saturday I mentioned that I found THE DRINK of all drinks.  And truthfully, it was a great one.  I do not take back my claim.  But then I started hearing from people (via blog comments and FB comments and other comments) that many people had never actually had coconut water before.


Although that was my initial reaction, I thought back this moment pictured above.  Notice that Helen (the friend next to me) is holding a coconut and I am not?  It is not because I wasn't given one.  It is because I was given one, and then I promptly gave it away.

It tasted like dirty socks.  What did you expect me to do?

Time, however, has marched on, and I later found myself more long-term in this island nation, and later in the Marshall Islands, and later marrying a Brazilian.  You add all that together and yes, I now love coconut water. 

Roadside stand in Costa Rica

I did a little research and basically found out that the stuff is amazing for you.  A-MAZE-ING.  For example:
  • high in potassium and calcium
  • promotes weight loss (low in calories and sugar)
  • cleanses your digestive tract
  • boosts immune system
  • helps with rehydration
  • and on and on and on...
My man, getting us our much desired coconuts for the day

Of course, some people think this is bogus, and you know, it might be.  Who knows.  But I do know this: It definitely isn't bad for you, that's for sure.  Last I checked eating fruit was a good thing, so I intend to keep on doing it. 


  1. ok, you've sold me. I'm buying coconut water at the store this week. :)

  2. I love coconut water! My dad lives in the Florida keys and every time I visit him the first thing I ask for is a freshly opened coconut. I had no idea that you could buy it in the store though. I am going to look for it today- thanks for the tip :)

    1. They carry it at most places, but I hear Zico brand is the best. I found it for $1.99 at Trader Joe's. Happy you get to enjoy it when you visit him. It is a little bit closer than enjoying it in Brazil :)

  3. I've just started following your blog. Thank you for information on coconuts

    1. Welcome! I am happy to have you here :)


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