Thursday, October 27, 2011

October Unprocessed: A List I Can Feel Proud Of!

I went shopping last night, my last trip to the grocery store before the month is over.  I love my list.  It is so fresh and you know what?  It also came out so inexpensive.  Two adjectives I want to describe my grocery list all the time, not just during October Unprocessed.

The truth is, I feel like Super Woman when I have these ingredients on the conveyor belt and the guy or girl working the lane asks, "What are you making with all of this?"  If I had thrown just pasta and sauce on there, she would have known (and yes, I do throw pasta and sauce on there quite a bit -- I am not really Super Woman).  But these ingredients, so simple all by themselves, can lead to something so magnificent when combined.  It is truly a beautiful thing.

Two years ago this list would not have made me feel like Super Woman, however.  It would have made me feel inadequate.  "What I am going to do with things?!"  That would have been my response. 

Two years ago?  Shoot, who am I kidding?  More like six months ago...  Yeah, you would have seen some veggies: onions, garlic, spinach.  Maybe carrots.  And a few years ago?  Good luck finding the veggies.  Except for frozen peas, you would have needed to look elsewhere if you wanted something "fresh". 

But today, my list is different.  It is a short list, just enough to last for four days until the week is over, but it is a good list.  A healthy list.  My list.

** Yes, you see tortellini up there.  No, I did not make it, as you can tell.  But I think it counts in my October Unprocessed challenge because when I look at the ingredient list I have all of those exact same things in my kitchen, unlike when I check the ingredient list of the package of tortellini at Lucky.  (One of the many reasons I love Trader Joe's.  That, and the fact it is only $1.99 per pack, as opposed to $3.49.)   So, fresh pasta that is preservative free counts for me as unprocessed -- because really, could I make tortellini?  Probably.  But am I gonna?  Not right now.  But maybe someday.  Send me some recipes and let's see :)


  1. whoo hoo! Congrats!
    I just went to the grocery store and the farmer's market. I already did both and it's only 9am. I feel empowered but also kind of old. :/ ha.

    I'm going to try your tortilla recipe tomorrow, and I'm going to make enchiladas with them (along with my own 'unprocessed' enchilada sauce). Exciting! :D

  2. Empowered but old? Hahaha! I get that :) Totally not the healthiest, but did you eat any pastel? A trip to the farmer's market is not to be considered a success without some pastel!

    Let me know how the tortilla thing goes. Mine were a little thick, so I would suggest making smaller dough balls. I used oil instead of lard (the idea of pig fat saturating my food is a little nauseating...), but I think the lard might make it a little softer. Good luck! (I will look for it on your cooking blog soon.)


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