Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Comida Brasileira... eu quero!

Today I was stuck with the unfortunate task of organizing my pictures from trips into a photo book on Kodak.  It should have been fun and exciting, but I say "unfortunate" because their program was driving me bonkers.  BONKERS.  I quickly learned I needed to save every five minutes, because I never knew when it would just automatically refresh and I also figured out that under no circumstances -- and I repeat: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES -- should you try to rearrange the pages.  Don't do it!  Just say no!  Because if you are like me and you try, well, you might also be like me and want to take of your shoe and beat your computer with it.  Trust me, just don't do it.  If they are in the wrong order, erase the pictures and do it again.  Listen to this advice and life will be easier for you. 

On the other hand, it is time that I got these pictures put into a book.  I used to be all scrapbook-ish, but that takes way too much time.  And honestly, it gets quite expensive, so I now rely on Kodak Gallery.  Costs about the same amount when all is said and done, and it is easy. 

Unless you try to rearrange the pages.  Sigh.

You know what I found?  Pictures of food.  Brazilian food.  Food that Paulo and I enjoyed the last time we went to visit our family in Brazil.  And I couldn't help but almost drool over the keyboard.  Pastel, churrasco, pizza... oh man.  Eu quero!  I want it, and I want it NOW! 

Remember, Tiffany, patience is a virtue. 

Sigh again.

But just because I can't eat it right now doesn't mean I can drool over the pictures of it.  I invite you to drool along with me.  (Just to clarify, we are drooling over what the pictures show, not the pictures themselves.  I know they are not drool-worthy.  The food on the other hand... well...)

I give you Tiffany's Must-Eat List when visiting Brazil

Churrasco (Brazilian BBQ)

Brazilian Pizza (Not even comparable to our pizza... it deserves a class of its own)

Suco de Abacaxi (Pineapple Juice -- FRESH)

Sugar Cane Juice
(with a hint of lime)

(Deep fried cheese pastry -- or anything else you want inside)

Home Cooked Goodness (from Tio Nene)


And the best fast food around:

 If you know what I am talking about, you know what I am talking about.

Are you needing to wipe away that slobber yet?


  1. hahaaha HABIB'S topped your list?!?! No, no no!!! You clearly need to come back and reconsider that. And eat some real Middle-Eeastern-Brazilian food at some dirty street corner grandma restaurant.

  2. Your blog "me dá água na boca!". Congrats :)

  3. Danielle it topped my list for "Fast Food". Pizza is my overall winner! :) (But I am totally down for trying some real Middle-Eastern-Brazilian food at some granny's restaurant. Give me kibes any day!

  4. Oh Tiffany!!!! Not fair :)
    You don't have idea how I miss to eat "pastel de feira" na feira!!!

    By the way, you are totally right, Americans DO know how to make BBQ!!

  5. That is my kind of "to-do" list.

  6. Amanda, I know what you are talking about. Friday mornings in RP you can find me at the feira with pastel in one hand and sugar can juice in the other. The proof is above! Love love love it. My favorite part of the week (and I am not kidding!).

  7. I agree 110% on churrasco, but can't say the same for pizza - I think Brazilian pizza is terrible! No sauce to speak of, and the cheese is meh... Maybe it's because I grew up with New York pizza, which is the best in the world :-p

    My nomination for a must-eat Brazilian food is moqueca (seafood stew with palm oil, coconut milk, onions, peppers, tomatoes, & cilantro) - that's the Bahian version, and it can be made with fish, shrimp, crab, stingray, etc.


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