Thursday, October 6, 2011

October Unprocessed: Can You Smell It?

There is a smell that is over taking my house these days.  One that is not causing any complaints, mind you...

Oh man. 

One thing I quickly realized when we started the October Unprocessed Challenge was that I would have to find alternatives for our customary bagels/potato bread/sourdough.  Each and everyone one of them tastes great, but when I read the ingredients, well... Knowing myself as I do, I also knew that there was no way I was going to bake all of our bread supply.  Sure, I can bake bread, and I do from time to time, but that just isn't feasible to make all of it -- at least not at this moment in my life.  I work full time, have incredibly busy weekends, and my evenings aren't all too free either.  But that is OK, because the challenge was not to make all of your food, but know that it was freshly made, where ever you get it from, whether your kitchen or elsewhere.  And the bakery makes fresh bread.  That's their claim to fame, folks!  I am so glad they do! 

I may never go back to store bought bread again if I can keep my house smelling like this.  Seriously, all I want to do all day is eat the bread. 

As an extra bonus, it is cheap.  Three little loaves for a buck, which kicks some serious bread-cost booty when you compare it to a pack of bagels.  Poor Paulo.  He thought he left french rolls for breakfast in Brazil and came to the glorious land of Sarah Lee bagels.  If only I could find some great fresh and cost effective bagels...  Time to pay Noah's a visit tomorrow.

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  1. We've been unprocessed for over a year now. It has really changed everything for us and there is no going back. Homemade bread, tortillas, cereal.... everything tastes SO much better.


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