Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Phil's Fish Market & Other Seaside Stories

We have been on the hunt for good, fresh fish.  Being from a country that has an abundance of a cheap and incredibly fresh supply, my husband has been craving it. 

Enjoying a plate of fish and some pineapple juice this past March.

When I say fresh, I mean one day we actually pulled our boat up right next to another boat in Brazil one day and bought the fish straight from their nets.  That's FRESH.

Fishing boats in Ubatuba, Brazil

But our quest has kind of been a bust.  Everywhere we go, we get directed to a "great place" and then we are left with a big bill and an unsatisfied tongue.  San Diego, Santa Barbara, it doesn't matter... it just has not been RIGHT.

The other day I woke up and something hit me: Phil's Fish Market!  How could I be looking everywhere when what I was looking for was right here, all along?!

It has been years since I last stepped foot in there, but I knew that was where we needed to go. 

Apparently, so did everybody else.  The ling was out the door and almost to the street.

Oh well.  When you are looking for good fish, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Waiting and waiting and waiting in line...

Finally we got our food... fish and chips for me, salmon marsala for him.

We both agreed -- the salmon was good.  The marsala was good.  But salmon and marsala together is not our favorite combination.  But finally!  A fish place that has GOOD fish. 

Thank you, Phil's, you redeemed our view of Californian fish joints!

And now, a couple of shots I got wandering around on the perimeter of the beach as my husband went surfing.  I call this a photo-scavenger-hunt.  What could I find other than the iconic pictures of the beach (you know -- the beach ball/sunscreen/toes in the sand)? 

(This beach, as you might be able to tell, is more of a local beach and not so much a touristy hot-spot.  Excellent for surfing and chilling, despite the morning fog.)


  1. Beautiful photos!!! Glad you found a great fish place! Talk about fresh! Bought from the fishing net! I don't think it gets better than that!

    1. Thanks, Friend! Love the fish from a fishing net... people don't know fish until they have had it FRESH!

  2. Your photos are gorgeous! ♥ & you`re making me drool with the food pictures. Oh...now i`m craving some too.

    1. Thank you! I had fun with my lens that I never use ;)

  3. your photos are amazing! I will be dreaming of eating fresh fish and hanging out at the beach, instead of being stuck at work.

    1. Hope these images help make your day go faster!!!

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