Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rachael Ray Weekly Planner - March 2011

I did it! Seven new recipes done and complete, except for the left-overs in the fridge. This project was a blast. Not only did I get to learn new things and enjoy doing something I like to do, but I got to eat really scrumptious meals every night of the week. I like my regular cooking -- I do a good job at it. But it is nice to mix things up once in awhile! Some highlights:

  • The estimated price for the weekly grocery list was $80.90, which I stayed well within.
  • Since I already do a weekly menu and weekly grocery list, this was no different than my norm. But it was so nice to have someone else do that work! The best was not having to search my brain for seven meals that sounded good, would work with our time frame, and haven't been served in the previous week(s).
  • As each recipe is for four people, Paulo and I had lunch for the next day out of the leftovers. Easy-peasy!
NOTE -- "Cannellini Beans" are also White Kidney Beans. Save yourself and the Trader Joe's guy some time by writing that down on your grocery list!
*Also, for several of the recipes there are vegetarian variations listed.  But you are all smart, you can figure it out if you want to!

The food I started with:
(One week's worth of groceries for the our little family.)

The meals I wound up with:
(Click on a picture to be taken to the recipe.)

Chicken and Orzo Soup ~
Instead of a chicken soup, I made it with potatoes.  Delicious.  Paulo and I both loved it, even though he is a hater of soup. 

Beef-and-Mushroom Tacos with Avocado Salad ~
My favorite!!!  I left out the jalapenos because, well, they are too hot for me.  But the meal was fantastic.  Paulo has asked me to do it again this week.

Stewed White Beans with Spinach and Bacon ~
My other favorite.  Very hearty.  Beef Bacon is a great bacon choice for this, but Turkey Bacon would probably work well, too.

Baked Buffalo Chicken with Blue Cheese Salad ~
Delicious!  BBQ sauce was substituted in place for the Buffalo sauce, and it turned out great.  The salad is quite heavy as it has a sour cream and blue cheese dressing, and although the chicken made great leftovers, the salad did not.  So only make enough salad for that night and have the chicken separate if using it for lunch the next day.

Orzo Risotto with Spring Greens ~
Ok, but I make a better risotto on my own.  I eat minimal cheese (if any) so risotto has to be done in a certain way in order for it to be cheese free, and this one didn't allow for that.  Not going to repeat, but alright for one time.

Peppers 'n' Potatoes Beef Skillet Supper ~
Paulo loved it, I was OK with it.  Made without beef because I already had beef in the tacos and beef bacon in this and another recipe and I like to limit beef consumption.  Still tasted fine.  All the same ingredients as a Shepherd's Pie, yet completely different taste as the bell peppers add a bit of flavor.

Tilapia with Bell Peppers and Parsley-Spiked Couscous ~
Yum!  So simple, yet great flavor.  I was afraid that it would be bland, but not at all.  A repeater.


  1. Try them, they are!!! Just click the pics to get to the recipe :) (yes, I make life easy like that, hahaha!)


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