Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lots of good, all around. (The Wednesday Files)

Who says the Wednesday Files need to happen on a Wednesday?  Not me!  It may be Thursday, but here are my thoughts from yesterday.  Sharing while sitting in the sunshine, still in my jammies, munching down on avocado pound cake is kinda the best blogging situation ever, and I wouldn't have been able to do that yesterday, in the midst of my super Spring/Summer Cleaning Extravaganza. 

Wedding Bells are Ringin'...

You probably already know this if you have read this blog at all this week, but my friend got hitched last Thursday.  I was there as (1) bridesmaid, (2) back-up photographer, and (3) "translator" for all the Brazilians present (when there was no better translator around).  Without this girl in the white dress I would not be where I am at today.  Porque?  Por que she is the one who introduced me to my man!  She is already a pretty darn-awesome friend, but that makes me forever grateful to her.  She was my first Brazilian friend and used to tell me, "Someday you will marry a Brazilian and live in Brazil so we can be neighbors, OK?"  I said no.  She insisted.  I said no even louder, she got a hold of a friend in Brazil and told him she had the perfect English-practicer for him (because I love to talk, ha!), and then forced me into to talking to him.  Deep inside of me there was a hint of annoyance, but I am kind, so I went along with it... 5 years later, here I am married to the best man I have ever met, and it all started that evening!  Now she is definitely not my only Brazilian friend, as I have many both here (in the States) and there (in Brazil), but she is still my favorite.  I did marry a Brazil, but she is the one who will live in my country forever, although in a state far, far away...

Friends, it was a BEAUTIFUL wedding.  I cried.  A lot.  Actually, there are some pictures of my trying to sniffle up the snot that was starting to trickle down while up front.  Yeah... that's how much I cried.  I was so happy for her, not just for getting married, but for getting married to a great man with a wonderfully supportive and welcoming family.  If she is going to live all the way across the world from her own loved ones, she needs this kind of family that I speak of to open their arms to her.  I spent a few days at the groom's parents house during the wedding week, and I love them all!  Great people who have become instant friends.  She is blessed, and I am grateful for that!

Then & Now

Remember when MySpace was all the rage?  I certainly do.  The other day I visited myspace for the first time in... well... a LONG time to see if I had a picture there that I was looking for.  WOW.  It was like a blast to the past, even though this past I speak of was only 3 1/2 years ago. 

My switch from MySpace to Facebook happened at a very specific time.  I had MySpace, got married, went on my honeymoon, and when we came back I listened to my dad when he said, "Tiffany, you need facebook.  You will like it better, I am sure."  Trusting him immediately, as I have always done (Ok, yeah, we all know that is not true ;) ) I made the switch.  That left my MySpace account which I just never deleted a wall of memories from my single days and my Facebook account a record of days that I had my married name (except for the first week when I forgot that I had a new name and was going by my maiden name until someone pointed it out to me -- HA!  Old habits die hard, I guess).

Things were different, for sure.  My house was empty in the pictures, not the home we have created today.  My hair was shorter, I was a tad bit skinnier...  pictures of our first Christmas, with no furniture and just a little pile of tiny presents on the table with the dinner that was a miracle because I had cooked something; wow.  Times have changed in three years.

But then I found the "About me" info and I thought it was incredibly interesting.  Let me share...

About me:

I have two eyes, two ears, a nose… you know, the usual. A face that smiles, a heart that laughs, a brain that likes to think. And I desire to forever have arms that hug and feet that go where God leads...

I think this might still be the most accurate definition of me.  My talents and hobbies may have changed, but this is the core of who I am.  This has remained the same.

General -- riding on the back of pick-up trucks through the jungle, laughing my head off, being warm, playing in the water, chilling in jammies some days, getting dressed up on others, going through customs, living life to the fullest. (oh yeah, and brownies. I love brownies.)

All still so very true.  I may not be able to ride on the back of pick-up trucks through the jungle anymore (see picture above) but I would choose that over driving a sedan on the freeway ANY DAY.  And the rest?  I think I do no need to say more...

Music -- a little bit of this, a little bit of that...

Yup.  Give me dance, give me classical, give me country, give me pop.  I am pretty picky about the words I listen to, but almost all styles are represented in my playlists.

Movies -- it is more about the company you keep while watching the movie than the movie you watch.

Right?  Well said, Young Tiffany, well said...

Television -- Friends makes me laugh every time. CSI makes me think that I could really, one day, be a crime solver. But not having tv channels makes me think that there many other wonderful ways I can spend my time...

Still don't have TV channels, but with the advent of Hulu I can continue to solve crimes with the CSI teams.  And man, I'm good at it ;)

Books -- I wish I lived in Borders. I could eat in the cafe, sleep on the chairs, shower off in the sink. But at least I would have the books.

It was a sad day when Borders closed.  Let's take a moment of silence... *tear*

Heroes -- people who live the love of Christ

YES!  Actions speak much louder than words.

So yes, things are different, but honestly, I am not.  More mature (hopefully), a little bit wiser, sure.  But different?  Nah... 

My last MySpace profile picture, taken on our honeymoon, December 2008.

Bloggy News

In the last few weeks a couple rather prominent people/corporations have given me a shout out, which has exposed this little blog here to many more people than would otherwise see it.  For example:

That's right, Whitney Port gave my avocado fries a cyber high-five. 

Ok, can I tell you a secret?  I didn't even know who Whitney Port was.  (No channels, remember?)  But thanks to a handy little tool called Google, I was able to discover that she is an MTV celebrity.  And clearly people like her because this recipe quickly started climbing the ladder of most viewed.  It has settled at third from the top, after two that the Google search engine LOVE.  Not too shabby, Whitney, not too shabby!

The other one was this little picture I created about a month ago:

I pinned it, and then others repinned it, until Starbucks found it and they pinned it, and now a kajillion (give or take a few) have pinned it.  I am getting hits like crazy because of this little picture.  So, if you see this floating around out there in Pinterest-land, remember that you know where it came from :)

And last, but not least, I met Joy the Baker.  Pretty rad, if you ask me.  I have a lot more to say about the day that I met her, but I am saving that for a day I do not have the time to cook... sometime soon, I am sure :)  Anyway, here we are, two smiley happy blog people.  She is big time, I am small fries, but whatever, the passion is the same. 

Until next time, Friends! 


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  1. Wow! Whitport Port and Starbucks giving you shout outs! That's so cool ;) Congrats! I love that story of being introduced to your hubby! And that was a ton of roles to play at one wedding!


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