Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thirty Days -- Day 7: The Kibe Adventure

On Sunday, the 7th day of our no-eating-out challenge, we found ourselves a little bored.  I had been planning on making a Brazilian food item (well, Arab-Brazilian actually, as crazy as that sounds) for quite some time.  However, the first direction on the package was something like, "Blah blah blah for three hours blah blah blah..."  Yeah, that's enough to make me rethink this whole making-a-kibe-thing.  But when we had some free time -- yes, more than three  hours -- and we couldn't do our usual boredom-breaking activities (take a walk to get ice cream, head to the park with a frisbee and a bag of sandwiches from Togo's) we decided to go for it. 

The directions cracked me up... "Put on blander..."  Huh? 
I had Paulo read the directions in Portuguese just to make
sure I wouldn't mess it up!

The three hours part wasn't so bad.  I just had to let the wheat
soak for that long.  Easy peasy.

So, per the directions, I put the onion and mint leaves "on
blander" AKA in the food processor.  Then threw it in with
Bulgar wheat and 1/2 a pound of ground beef and some salt.
Mix, mix, and then mix some more.  And then, mix it again.

The finished product!  They are not the most beautiful, I know,
but oh-so-tasty.
Paulo enjoying his kibes while talking to his family in Brazil.
A true Brazilian experience while in America :)

COST: $8.60         Per Serving: $2.15
Plus tomato salad and bread/butter: $3


  1. Love this post and pictures!! P.S. there is a typo in the caption of your first pic ;)

  2. Thanks, Alex! I thought you were talking about "blander" and then I thought, "nope, no typo, that's what it said!" But then I saw I left out a word. Fixed it! :)

  3. Wow, those came out great! We tried to make them a while back, with mixed success. I used this video as a guide: http://receitas.uol.com.br/receitas/2009/11/13/quibe-cru-assado-e-frito.jhtm

    I just put waaaaaay too much water in the bulgar wheat.

  4. The secret is to cover the bulgar wheat with maybe 3-4 inches of water, but then SQUEEZE the heck out of it when it is done soaking it up. I used an old pillow case (so if anyone sleeps at my house some day and you dream of delicious food, that would be why) and squeezed, squeezed, squeezed until my hands and arms were sore. And you have to really mix the mixture until it comes out like toothpaste. Takes a while and a lot more squeezing, but in the end... bem gostoso!


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